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July 14, 2000 – Tokyo Disneyland welcomed its 250-millionth guest, Mrs. Hisae Do.
July 14, 2000 – The “Pooh Corner” shop opened in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland.
July 14, 2000 – The Disney Channel Original Movie “Ready to Run,” aired for the first time.
July 14, 2002 – In celebration of Bastille Day, the Disneyland Resort Paris held a Holiday Pin Event.
July 14, 2002 – “Cadet Kelly,” starring Hillary Duff & Christy Carlson Romano, aired on Wonderful World of Disney. It was the first Disney Channel Movie ever to be repeated on the ABC-TV series.
July 14, 2003 – WDW introduced new lightweight language translation headsets. The headsets have wireless technology and provides synchronized narration in 5 languages, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
July 14, 2004 – Tokyo DisneySeas new evening show, “Braviseamo!” made its debut.
July 14, 2005 – Disneyland received the coveted Award of Excellence Star, adjacent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in recognition of its 50th anniversary. The dedication took place on Hollywood Blvd. in front of the El Capitan Theatre.
July 14, 2005 – Roy E. Disney announced his most sincere thanks and support with the “SaveDisney” website and since matters have been resolved the website would permanently close down on Aug. 7th.
July 14, 2006 – A new daytime harbor show called “The Legend of Mythica” debuted as part of Tokyo DisneySea Parks 5th anniversary celebration.

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