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July 10, 1981 – Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound,” featuring the voices of Jack Albertson, Pearl Bailey, Sandy Duncan, Corey Feldman, Kurt Russell, Paul Winchell, and Mickey Rooney, premiered in theaters.
July 10, 1981 – The Disney film “Once Upon a Mouse” was released.
July 10, 1987 – Disney’s “The Brave Little Toaster” was released in theaters.
July 10, 1993 – The one-hour pilot of Disney’s television series “Country Estates” aired.
July 10, 1993 – Disney’s 60-minute syndicated television special “Disneyland Presents Tales of Toontown” aired.
July 10, 1995 – “Scamp,” one of Lady and Tramp’s puppies in “Lady and the Tramp,” 1st appeared in a comic strip in the Treasury of Classic Tales Lady and the Tramp strip.
July 10, 1999 – The Backstreet Boys performed in an hour-long Disney Channel special, “Backstreet Boys in Concert.” (The concert was taped 2 months earlier at the New Amsterdam Theater in N.Y.C.)
July 10, 2000 – The Kansas City Star reported that the Walt Disney Family has pledged funds to restore the original Walt Disney Animation Studio “Laugh-O-Gram” in Kansas City. For nearly 10 years, the Thank You, Walt Disney Organization had been trying to set up a Disney Museum in the city, the birthplace of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. The Walt and Lily Disney Foundation pledged $450,000 contingent to whether the Thank You, Walt Disney Organization could match the amount.
July 10, 2007 – Disney’s College Program Cast Member Pail Sherrer (a former U.S. soldier was honored for saving the life of a 4-year-old guest who had fallen into the marina at Port Orleans Riverside in WDW. Vice President of Resort Operations and Transportation Kevin Myers presented Paul with a letter from Meg Crofton, president of the WDW Resort, commending him for his bravery.
July 10, 2007 – “Insomniatic,” the 2nd studio album from the teen pop duo Aly & AJ, was released on Hollywood Records (a label owned by Disney.)

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