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I just joined this forum a couple minutes ago and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is chris and I've wanted to work for Disney Themeparks and resorts since I first visited WDW when I was about 8 years old, and now as a college student I'm hoping to prepare myself for a career with them. Which leads me to my first question: is there any general area of study I should consider to gain an edge in theme park management? Another issue of mine is that, try as I might, I cannot find a comprehensive layout of how the Themeparks and Attractions division of the company is organized, leaving me a little vague as to what specific position I'm aspiring to hold. If any of you have any information on this, or anything else Disney related thats interesting, I'd love to hear it!

Its a pleasure to meet you all!

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I am not sure about how to answer your question but I thought that I would say welcome and good luck as you journey through your education!!!

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First off :welcome:
I hope you enjoy it here. Most are very kind and interesting people to talk to.

As for your post:

This is actually what I'm striving to do as well. I just finished my Bachlors degree this month. As Disney is a business, I focused my degree on Business Adminstration with a focus on management, since that is my main goal. A business degree would help since Disney is a business out to make a profit. I've done tons of research and because the company is so big, pretty much any area of your interest, they would have a job for you. Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service, Management, Services Marketing, Supply-Chain Managment, Finance, International Relations, etc. Any of these would probably help you gain your goal of themepark management. If you want to actually work in the theme parks I'd recommend concentrating your studies on the customer service/international relations(plenty of foreign guest who visit). If you want to work outside the theme parks, but still be involved in developing them, advertising for them, or keeping track of their "numbers", choose another area.

Just FYI, one research group that I find gives really good information about companies in general is DataMonitor. If your school has access to this database, USE IT! It's a great tool to research Disney or any other company you would need to look at. If you school doesn't have access to it, you can still use it, but it cost a money to access it personally.

Most of all, Good Luck! I hope you and I eventually reach our goals of working for Disney. :mickey:

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Welcome to the Intercot family!! I wish you all the luck in the world in reaching your goals, and hope this forum helps you to do that:thumbsup:

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Welcome to Intercot. I hope you get lots of great info from your question. I just might have to check in from time to time to see if I learn something also. :thumbsup:

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Welcome to intercot! :mickey:

If you're entering college, I think you might want to look into the Disney College Program. They take people from all areas of studies, and I've had a few friends work with them and loved it! (Their degrees were fashion design and history, just to give you an idea on how wide a range Disney goes here).

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Welcome Chris! Good luck in reaching your goals!!:mickey:

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I don't have any advice for you but welcome to Intercot. :mickey:

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:mickey:Welcome to Intercot:mickey:

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Welcome Chris! :mickey:

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Welcome Chris. I hope you can get the info you need to achieve your goal.

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Have you looked into Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island,
(* you are from Jersey and there are TONS of people from Jersey at this college)
They also have an incredible hospitality college as well as business. They have event management, sports management, hotel, food, marketing, advertising, hospitality etc. It is a great school and in a good location.
Good luck in your quest.