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06-16-2009, 01:10 PM
If anyone can give me some advice I would appreciate it. I am going to be in the Philadelphia area on business next week. I am a big baseball fan but the Phillies and Orioles are both out of town. I would love to see a Mets game, and according to mapquest the stadium is only 90 miles from my motel in North Philly. Just a little background-- I do travel frequently and don't mind driving in cities, but I have never been to New York so I would be subject to mapquest. Is there ample parking? How horrible is the traffic for a 7pm game? Is the area safe? Are there places to eat if I arrive early? I'm not terribly concerned about cost-- I'll pay $20 to park and buy a ticket outside. Thanks for any advice anyone can provide. Mark

06-17-2009, 09:27 AM
Is there ample parking?

Yes. There is a lot of parking at Citi Field. It is expensive though. I think the last time I went a few weeks ago parking was $15.00.

How horrible is the traffic for a 7pm game?

Arrive early because traffic getting in can be a little tedious. Also, leaving the ball field has it's own set of problems. Traffic around the stadium can be bad and backs up quickly. Some people opt to leave an inning early to beat the crowd. I guess it depends on how tolerant you are of traffic. I always choose to leave early. My husband always opts to stay.

Is the area safe?

The area surrounding the stadium is not great. I would not recommend walking around. Most of the stadium is surrounded by highway or car repair shops. Very ugly and very shady.

Are there places to eat if I arrive early?

In the stadium, yes. Outside, I would not recommend spending anytime outside the stadium. If you are concerned about arriving early and being bored...don't be. There is plenty to do. Citi Field is brand new and there is so much to look at. It's a great ballpark to explore.

Have fun! :baseball:

06-21-2009, 08:24 AM
I think Starryeyes is understating the traffic. You could get lucky but more likely than not, it will be horrible. It's propobly a two hour trip with no traffic, but rush hour on a weekday, could take four.

I would take The NJ Turnpike to Exit 13. Follow signs for The Goethels Bridge and take the Staten Island Expressway to the Varrenzano Bridge. Then the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to Northern Blvd. The Stadium is right off The Northern Blvd.

Don't go to Willets Point unless your looking to buy stolen car parts. Corona is OK but you have to cross a bunch of roads and highways and just not worth it. However, if you get there early enough, you may want to take a stroll over to Corona Park. You can see the National Tennis Center, and the globe and flying saucers from The Worlds Fair.

Let's go Mets!