View Full Version : Night of Joy crowds

06-13-2009, 03:39 PM
Has any-one ever been to DHS during the Night of Joy celebration? Due to planning it looks like we might be hitting HS on one of the two days it will be happening. We are arriving the day before Night of Joy begins. DM really wants to hit MK on our first day- no big deal. DHS is my DD's favorite and the Night of Joy falls on the next 2 days. I know that the park closes a little early those 2 nights which isn't a big deal because we have the hopper passes. I just do want it to be super crowded. The day after the night of joy is a fantasmic night which we are not planning on attending. I thought the park would be crowded that day as well because of those wanting to take in Fantasmic. I just don't think DD will be able to hold off until day 5 to hit DHS. Any advice?