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06-06-2009, 05:23 PM
OK, here's something I'd like some different perspectives and ideas about. Let's say you have one day at WDW and your goal is to do whatever you want. How would you spend that day? Describe what resort you would stay at, which parks you would go to, what restaurants you would eat at, etc.

Ground rules:
1) You will be arriving at WDW the evening before your day and leaving the morning after your day.You only have the one full day.
2) You cannot do anything in the parks on the night of your arrival. You can use that evening for planning and getting settled at your resort.
3) You can't do anything on the morning of your departure other than checkout of your resort and leave. No sneaking back into the parks or other resorts.
4) Your choices must be realistically feasible and whithin your control to make it happen. For example, you cannot choose to stay at the Castle because that's not really within your control.
5) All choices must assume a reasonable budget. You can choose dinner at V & A's if you want, or to stay at a luxury resort on the concierge level. But you can't say you would have a limo at your disposal for the full 24 hours to drive you everywhere, or personal helicopter service.
6) Assume that crowds are moderate and manageable.
7) Assume that you have tickets with Park Hopping if you want.
8) Assume that you can get any ADR that you want.
9) All plans must conform to the standard rules of time, space and physics! You cannot go on Space Mountain at 10:00 and then Tower of Terror at 10:15. If you are park hopping, you have to tell us how you get there and how you get back to the resort at the end of the day.
10) Focus on what would be the most enjoyable day...not necessarily the most action packed.

I am going to think about this myself and will post my ideas in a bit.

06-06-2009, 05:58 PM
My brain hurts already, I have to sleep on it.

06-06-2009, 06:25 PM
Having a limo at your disposal would cost considerably less than dinner at Victoria and Alberts and 2 nights at a luxury resort.

06-06-2009, 07:44 PM
Having a limo at your disposal would cost considerably less than dinner at Victoria and Alberts and 2 nights at a luxury resort.

Agreed...but I think what you get in return is more valuable. Realistically, I think people would spend the money on the meal and resort before the limo.

06-06-2009, 07:49 PM
First of all, I would stay at the Polynesian. I would have a suite with a Magic Kingdom view so I would be able to enjoy the electric light parade and fireworks the evening I arrive.

In the morning, I would get up early and walk over to the Grand Floridian for my spa treatments.

I would then hop on the monorail to Epcot. Once there I would stroll back to Chef de France for a beautiful lunch. Then I would stroll back through Epcot, do a little shopping, catch a ride on Soarin', and then get back on the monorail for the Magic Kingdom.

Once at the MK, I would stroll through the park, savoring the sounds and smells. I would go down main street, turn towards adventure land, ride Pirates, BTM, HH, then head over to Space mountain, Buzz, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I would finish my evening with a late dinner at Cali grill.

Ahhh, to dream!:mickey:

06-06-2009, 08:18 PM
Now THAT is an EXCELLENT plan! well thought out! Nicely done. Others?

06-06-2009, 10:20 PM
My plan would be:

1. Stay at Polynesian;
2. breakfast at Kona Cafe;
3. monorail to MK;
4. take the steam engine over to Adventureland;
5. Ride Big Thunder Mt. Railroad; Splash Mountain; Pirates; Jungle Cruise; Haunted Mansion; Peter Pan; Small World; TTA; Space Mountain;
6. Lunch at Terrace Noodle Station;
7. Back to the hotel for a swim and a change of clothes;
8. Monorail over to Epcot;
9. Get a FP for Soarin and ride Living with the Land;
10. Spend the afternoon catching the street shows (acrobats, taiko drummers, fife and drum corps,) and shopping in the World Showcase. Ride Soarin' when the FP comes up.
11. Eat dinner at Toyko Dining. Mmmmm...sushi.
12. Watch Illuminations.
13. Monorail back to resort.

06-06-2009, 10:47 PM
Evening: Check in to the Grand Floridian, shop (at Basin! my favorite) and have dinner at Narcoossee's (is that allowed?)

Full Day:
Kick off bright and early to head to the MK for a pre-park opening Crystal Palace breakfast.

Hit favorite attractions:
Splash Mt.
Big Thunder Mt.
Haunted Mansion
Peter Pan
Buzz Lightyear
Space Mt.

Head to Epcot and ride Soarin' and Test Track, get a Fiesta margarita and people watch. Ride the Mexico boats and Maelstrom, shop around WS, grab a Grey Goose slush.

Head back to monorail and return to GF for a rest and splash in the pool before dressing for dinner at California Grill, in time for MK fireworks and Electric Water Pageant viewing between courses.

Have a late night soak in the hot tub or in the room tub (with Basin bath bomb) before heading for sweet dreams (and sad next day departure).

06-07-2009, 12:05 PM
OK...so I've given it some thought and here is one scenario that would be ideal...

Arrive at FW, check-in, get golf cart, and settled into cabin with wife and 2 daughters. Unpack groceries delivered by Garden Grocer. Watch old disney cartoon on TV that night.

Up early in the morning and make breakfast in cabin while everyone is getting showered and dressed. Listen to Stacey on TV while we are getting ready. Then everyone gets into the golf cart and rides to the marina! With luck, there will still be some fog on the lake as we take the boat to MK for the EMH and opening ceremonies.

At MK, we hit POTC, BTM, and HM. Maybe catch the Country Bears or Tiki show, depending on time. Enjoy Small World and Peter Pan. Sometime around 10am, we get ice cream...family tradition.

Dropping down to Tomorrowland, it's TTA and Buzz Lightyear....then we browse the stores on Main Street as we head for the gate. If we are really lucky, it will be cooler than we expected and Dad will have to by everyone new WDW sweatshirts, solely in the interest of family health and well-being.

We take the monorail to Epcot because we have a late lunch ADR at Coral Reef (maybe not the best restaurant, but it's one we haven't tried before). As we get to Epcot, we hit Spaceship Earth...and around lunch Soarin, and Living with the Land.

After lunchtime and the front attractions, we head to the right side of the International Showcase and catch part of the Off Kilter concert as we head through UK and over to France. At France, we watch the movie and get snacks at the bakery (and Grand Marnier Slushies!).

It's getting late, so we head back to the front of the park. Depending on crowds, we may be able to catch Ellen's Universe of Energy. Then we catch the monorail to the boats to get back to FW by 4:30/5:00.

We relax in the cabin and get cleaned up. Then it's back to the gold cart and boat launch for Dinner at Cali Grill and the fireworks show. We take the boat back to FW at the end of the show. Because there is almost always some sort of holiday being celebrated, we take some extra time on the gold cart touring the capsites that are decorated for the event.

Then it's off to bed for our departure the next day.

Dopey's Girl
06-07-2009, 05:59 PM
This is a good one!

Arrive and check into the Beach Club (king bed) and head to Stormalong Bay for some swimming fun. Have dinner at Beaches and Cream, then head back to the room to enjoy the view from my balcony. Head to bead early to sart my day!

My park day would start at MK with breakfast at 8:00 at CP with Pooh and the gang. After eating, I would head to POTC, BTMRR, HM, Pooh, TTA and Buzz. After that I would say goodbye to MK, and take the monorail to TTC to head to Epcot. Since it's lunch time by now, I would snack around the world, in World Showcase, getting little nibbles at my favorite Countries' counter service places. I would also spend lots of time enjoying all the shops.

After finishing up WS, it's most likely close to dinner, so I'm off to 50's Prime Time for fried chicken dinner. After dinner it's off to TSM, Muppet Vision 3-D, and at least 2 rounds of ToT. By this time, I'm exhausted, so it's a boat ride to BC, for some more time on the balcony with a 'beverage' just watching the world go by.

The next day would be packing up and heading home...most likely with some tears after having spend one wonderful day in WDW.

Great idea, although the idea of only having one day would most likely be really heartbreaking in reality!

06-07-2009, 09:21 PM
Let's see if I can remember it all, but I actually pulled off this feat back in 2002 when I was celebrating my 5th anniversary. After a lovely 3 day cruise (not disney), we headed over to disney for a "one day adventure - two night adventure"... let's see how it goes...

1. Checked in the AKL - Savana View Room.

2. Strolled around the grounds a bit and met a friend at Jiko for dinner.

3. After dinner, dip in the pool and then back to the room to rest up for the busy day ahead.

4. Woke up the next morning to Giraffes grazing the trees outside out room with other various animals roaming the "savana", had a little in room coffee and then hopped into our car and headed to AK.

5. Breakfast in AK (Someplace in Africa if I remember correctly). Headed over to the Safari got right on (more or less). Got off, hit Maharaja Jungle Trek, then worked our way to the front of the park.... off to...

6. MGM -- Headed over to Millionaire (I miss that one, but glad TSM is there now!) caught 2 shows (I think?) almost made it to the hot seat... made top 10 so I was happy to at least see my seat number up there) I went over to RnRC -- Wife acompanied me through the line but took an exit stage left at the end of the line :). MGM Done, time to hope back in the car and head over to ...

7. Magic Kindom for a quick hotdog at Caseys, and a stroll around the park... I honestly can't think of the rides we rode... I am sure there were a few... after spending the afternoon in the Magic Kingdom, we had to head over to EPCOT (via monorail) for our dinner reservations at....

8. Le Cellier! It was great! delicious food, and a personilized "Happy 5th Anniversary" dessert plate. Strolled around world showcase and waited for....

9. Iluminations (Actually... I think Tapestry of Nations/Dreams was still going on then, it's tough to remember, the trips are starting to bleed into one another)... anyway, I digress... Illuminations is my favorite, I would watch it every night if I could! Well, illuminations are over and looking at the watch its almost 9:30 as we are heading out... not wanting our day to end, we realize that we can still catch...

10. Wishes at Magic Kingdom!! So we trek over to the monorail station at a healthy clip and one monorail change later we arrive at MK at about 9:50... another brisk walk and we make it to Main Street (didn't dare try and get closer) in time for the show to start and watched to our hearts content!

11. Long day over, hopped on the "Resort Monorail" line (NEVER take the TTC Express at the end of the night, everyone tries to take that one and the lines are HUGE!) back to our car and our hotel...

12. A little beat, so we decided to take dip in the pool just to "cool off".

Did I mention to you that this was in July!! And just to make it that much more impressive... My wife was 5 months pregnant! (hence the exit stage left on RnRC.. wanted the surprise ending ;))

Ta-Da! See you can have a great time and hit ALL FOUR PARKS in one day :mickey:

06-07-2009, 09:27 PM
DUDE! That is amazing! I left AKL out of mine, but I love the resort. We had a great breakfast there one morning, the day after Thanksgiving, and were happy to find that we could get pumpkin pie. Leftover pie is a breakfast tradition the day after Thanksgiving in our household, so this was a great bit of magic for us.

And TWO fireworks shows in one night! WOW.

Laughin' place
06-09-2009, 02:16 PM
This is a game my wife and I play sometimes, and the result is always different...
1. This is the no kids version, it would be a very different day with our four teen sons.
2. Magical Express delivers us to the Poly in those cool, retro buses.
3. Unpack, shower and change into really classy, tropical island sportswear.
4.Watch resort channel, see Stacy's Top 7, etc
5. Lapu Lapu's at Tambu Lounge !!!
6. Dinner at Ohanna, window seats overlooking the resort
7. Shop for disney/tiki clothes at the shops in the Poly
8. Change into new, very fashionable swimsuits with cool cover-ups, a beautiful wrap or sarong for my lovely wife
9. Walk hand in hand around volcano pool and resort grounds
10. Swim and plan for our day by the pool
11. Go to the beach with a tropical drink and watch the electric water pagaent and see fireworks from over the MK
12 Go to bed "early" (too excited to sleep), enjoy the room, and fall asleep watching the resort channel and dreaming of the next day.

Honestly, this night alone would be enough for me ! What a fantasy ! Thanks for the post, and Ill follow up with our day later:cloud9:

06-09-2009, 04:29 PM
I love this idea! Let me think....

**Arrive early evening...get there around 4 or 5 if possible (getting to the Poly via Magical Express) and dinner at OHana.

**After filling up on amazing food, head down to the beach with our lapu lapu's :papple: and grab a hammock to watch wishes and the EWP! :lei:

**Have a romantic walk on the beach before heading back to the room for chocolate covered strawberries and some Disney TV...yes we are in a lagoon view concierge in the Hawaii building...my favorite....

**Wake up EARLY for a quick breakfast at Captain Jacks then off to HS to jump on ToT and Rockin Roller Coaster. Grabbing a turkey leg for DH and enjoying some shopping along the strip with the funny actors. Maybe some Muppets or Backlot tour if time permits.

**Take the bus back to the Poly a quick swim in the pool, maybe a sea raycer jaunt and then off to Epcot around noon...via walking to TTC then the monorail....

**Lunch resies at Teppan Edo then back to FW for Mission Space, Spaceship Earth, Figment, Test Track and back to WS...walk around the world a bit till dinner around 8 at Rose & Crown...hoping for a patio table for illuminations...WE GOT IT! WOO HOO!!!!

**Walk back through Epcot for the fountain show and the beautiful lit up globe...

**Monorail back to TTC, walk to Poly, Ferry to the MK for extra magic hours....Haunted Mansion, Spash Mountain, BTMRR, Any Fantasy land rides open, Space Mountain, ice cream from the shop on Main...and teary eyes as we leave....

**Next morning breakfast at Kona and any pool time possible before ME takes us back to the airport....ahhh too bad no time for AK or the water parks....:cloud9::(:cloud9:

06-10-2009, 10:14 AM
What a fun thread!

Myself, DH, DS(15) and DS(12) arrive early evening at the Poly for a LVC. Change clothes and grab dinner in the club lounge then head out to the pool for a nice swim. Hang out at the pool until about 8pm then back to the room to dry off and get ready for Wishes. Sit out on our balcony with snacks from the lounge and watch Wishes and EWP. Bed Time

Wake up early, get ready and eat breakfast in the lounge. Hop on the monorail and head to MK. Get there for rope drop, and hit our favorites; POTC, HM, Buzz, Splash and any other ones we can. Snack on Mickey Bars or Dole Whips while walking back to the monorail.

Head to the TTC then switch to EPCOT monorail. Arrive at EPCOT and head straight for Soarin then on to Mission Space (for the guys). Head over to the WS for our 12:00pm reservation in France!

After lunch (about 2:00)we walk out toward the boardwalk and head over to DHS. Head for our favorites; ToT and RnRC. See shows or visit other rides as we like and head out by 5:00pm for our dinner at Beaches n Cream. Finish off dinner with the Kitchen Sink.

Waddle to the boat launch and head back to EPCOT. Wander around the WS shopping, watching performers, and maybe ride a few things on our way out by 8:00pm. Hop back on the monorail to the TTC.

Stroll back to our room just in time for snacks and watching Wishes and the EWP one last time.

Stay up late booking our bounceback offer and planning our next awesome adventure! :cloud9:

06-10-2009, 11:56 AM
My dream day will include myself- DH, DS5, Mom, Aunt(mom's sister), Father & Mother-in-law and our two friends (which is actually happening in Sept.

We would stay at the Polynesian preferably with a castle view. We would watch wishes on the night of our arrival from the beach and the water pageant.

We would start out at MK with a breakfast at the castle- earliest one possible(think it's 8) then do SM(it's now refurbished), SP, BTMR, Pirates, SW, & CoP.

We then head off to Epcot by Monorail- hit soaring, TT, & Nemo(for my son) then off to DHS- eat at Sci-Fi- just a small lunch. Then go on RnRC, TOT, STar Wars then go to the Jedi show- son getting picked to be a Jedi in training. Then Over to AK to ride on EE & Kahli River Rapids. We then have a Grand Gathering experience with the safari ride to be followed by the meal at the Tusker House- we will then catch a bus to Contemporary to go back to MK and watch Spectro Magic and then catch our boat back at the Contemporary to watch Wishes from our boat cruise while celebrating my ds's birthday.

Part of that will happen in Spet- but the other part is just a lot of "Magic"

06-10-2009, 07:26 PM
I would stay at Poly with a view of the MK.
The next morning, I would arrive at the MK before the park opens and have b-fast at the Crystal Palace.
After b-fast I'd head over to POTC, Splash Mt., BTMRR, & HM.
After that I'd go see Mickey's Philharmagic, ride IASW & PP.
I'd have lunch in Cinderella's Castle and then ride Cinderella's Carousel & Dumbo.
Next I'd head over to Space Mt., COP & Buzz.
I'd head over to main street and have some ice cream and do a little shopping (Or get a Dole Whip from Adventureland).
I'd head back to Poly and have dinner at Ohanna. If time allowed, I head back to the MK to catch the SpectroMagic Parade and Wishes. If I was running short on time, I'd watch Wishes from the beach at the Poly. :mickey:

06-13-2009, 11:34 PM
What a "realistically perfect" post! :D
OK...let's see...
Check into my WL courtyard-view room and head over to FW for the Hoop-Dee-Doo (is that allowed?) and back to WL to catch the electric water pageant. Next AM, coffee @ sunrise on the WL dock, :mcoffee: quick breakfast in the room, and it's off to MK for the "Keys" tour and 4-5 choice attractions. Then over to Epcot around mid-day for a couple of must-do attractions in FW, followed by a leisurely afternoon/early evening stroll thru WS where we eat and drink our way "around the World" while stopping to enjoy the wonders of each country. Including the tunes of "Off Kilter" :pipes: in Canada, and "The British Invasion" :rocker: in UK. After a little shopping, we would top off this "perfect" day by watching Illuminations, :fworks: and then head back "home" for a little pool / hot tub action before retiring to our courtyard view balcony for a nightcap while recapping our "perfectly magical" day @ WDW!:cloud9: (PS: I'll have taken about a gazillion photos and miles of video):thumbsup:

07-30-2009, 04:28 PM
- Check-in at Polynesian
- Eat at Ohana's
- Swim in the cool volcano pool
- Walk on the beach
- Watch the Water Pageant Parade
- Get up early to see the Opening Ceremony at MK
- Catch character greetings and all my favorite attractions like Splash Moutain, Thunder Mountain, Main Street, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and a few others
-Eat at Pecos Bill
- Hop on monorail to Epcot
- Ride Test Track
-Stop by the Coke shop
- Catch Off Kilter
- Walk around World Showcase
- Eat at Morocco
- Eat dessert in Norway
-Watch Illuminations
-Head back to the Poly

07-30-2009, 04:58 PM
Ooh good post
Let me see...
Check in at the Boardwalk
freshen up and go for a dip in Keister Coaster
go hang at Jellyrolls
next morning walk to HS and get on TS GMR
RNRC and ToT. then take the ferry over to EC and have a nice lunch at Le Cellier. Stroll around WS shopping in Japan and of course France! Ride the boat rides in Norway(skip the movie) and in Mexico head over to FW and ride Test Track Soarin' and SE.
Take the monorail to MK eat at Crystal Palace
then head to Adventureland see POC then off to Frontierland for SM and BTM watch Spectromagic right there and wait around for Wishes since its EHM I head to the HM then to Fantasyland for Peter Pan and Small World then to Tommorowland to visit TA and SM last stop ? The Emporium of course to ship home all my souvenirs! Back to the Boardwalk so I can wake up and begin my journey home!

07-31-2009, 10:09 AM
i check in at WL, toss my carry-on to the spare bed, and make my wake up call to Mickey.:mickey:
After a cocktail at Trout Pass, take the boat to FW for HDD and EWP.
The buss to DD to bow my head to AC and CC and a stop to visit the Irish:D
The morning of:
DHS to : TSM, ToT and RnR
Take the stroll to BW for a muffin at BelleVue and on to Epcot for Soarin'
Take the mono to MK for Buzz, Peter, Splash and BTMRR, cheese fries at Pecos Bill and check out the new HOP.
walk to Contemporary and see the finished product of the DVC
Bus to AK
Stop at the Dawa
EE(Single Line)
Relax Walk and Enjoy
Stop at Y&Y(Best bar stools in the World)
Off to Epcot
Mission Space, Listen to the Land we all Love, Nemo.
See Off Kilter, the drummers at Japan.
Off to BW for JellyRolls
In the morning, a breakfast at WCC

07-31-2009, 10:56 AM
Check in at Animal Kingdom Lodge and drop off stuff in our room with a Savana view.
Early dinner at Jiko, listen to the story teller by the fire and check out the animals.
Go to Fort Wilderness for the Campfire Program and some S'mores.
Watch the Electric Water Pagent from the beach.
Bus to DTD for some shopping and then head back to AKL.

Hop on the bus to Animal Kingdom for breakfast at Donald's Breakfast Safari.
Kilamanjaro Safari
Expedition Everest
Maharaja Jungle Trek

Hop on the bus to Disney Studios
Tower of Terror
Rockin' Rollercoaster
Star Tour
Lunch at Sci-Fi

Hop on the boat to Epcot
Test Track
The Seas with Nemo
Dinner at the Coral Reef
Catch Off Kilter in Canada

Monorail to Magic Kingdom (by now it would preferably be dark or soon to be dark)
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Caribbean
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Haunted Mansion
Find a spot for Spectromagic and Wishes
Catch the bus back to AKL.

The next morning, Breakfast at Boma where we start planning our next trip!

Laughin' place
07-31-2009, 01:39 PM
We would wake up after the best nights sleep ever at the Poly
Tonga Toast and hot hawaiian coffee for my lovely wife while our bags are shipped to the contemporary (her girlhood dream resort)
Monorail ride hand in hand (with the pilot if thats still possible) as we take the long way around to the MK. Once around on the WD Railroad (her family tradition), then to SM for my tradition. FP Buzz on the way to Fantasyland (to take advantage of EMH). Highlight is Peter's Flight. Other musts at the MK include Splash Mt, Pirates, HM. Of course, we buy ears, balloons, and dolewhip.
We pick up our car and head for Epcot. We breeze thru FW for favorites (SE and M:S), but mostly for the sights and songs and feel. Arriving at WS, I surprise her with lunch in France (my last choice, but another fav memory of hers).WIll have to fly to make quick stops in UK, Germany, and a drink in Mexico.
Afternoon would be at AK, to ride the rides my wife missed last time b/c of her back injury. Cant wait to take her on EE and Kali River. Try to get in a safari before we have to leave for the early evening. Light early dinner at Jiko or graze at Boma
Ive chosen DHS for the end of the day, even tho MK is my favorite at night, esp for EMH. DHS has a glamour and romance at night with the water and the lights. After RnRC and ToT and ST (a surprise favorite of my wife), the night will be mostly about sightseeing, handholding, and lost of kisses in dark and neon - painted corners.
We drive to Contemporary just in time to enter the MK for the fireworks, and hope to catch the electric water pagaent, too. It is the most fun and romantic night ever. Back in our room at the Contemporary, I write the check for our DVC buy (home of Boardwalk, I think).
AFter another fabulous night in a room we've dreamed of for years, we take a few dozen more pictures, hit DTD of Christmas ornaments. scrapbook stuff, and Mickey-wear for me. We share a boat of hot beinets as we drive out of the park toward the airport. This is when we start planning the next trip:cloud9:

08-01-2009, 11:51 PM
I would stay at Poly, and in the morning, go to MK and ride Haunted Mansion, Buzz, Speedway, Carousel, Peter Pan, and Pirates. Go to DHS and get a fast pass for a late TSM ride. Then walk to Epcot to eat in WS at the Food and Wine Fest. After lunch, return to Poly for nap and swim and relaxation. Return to DHS for TSM fast pass and dinner at Mama Melrose's. Then back to MK for MNSSHP! We will do most of this Halloween weekend!

08-02-2009, 01:42 AM
I would stay in the new Bay Lake Tower with the Magic Kingdom view. I'd wake up as early as possible and enjoy a character dinner at Crystal Palace before opening hours. Once MK opened I would catch Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, HM, and Pirates and head over to Epcot. Once at Epcot I'd enjoy Mission Space and Soarin and catch lunch at Teppan Edo's. After lunch I'd hit Hollywood Studios for TOT and try my best to head over to AK to hit EE.

After hitting the big Thrill rides, I'd head over to the Polynesian to enjoy dinner at Ohana and depending on time I'd either go back and hang out in MK to watch fireworks and enjoy EMH or head back to my Hotel and watch the fireworks from my room, but more than likely go back to hotel room and enjoy the fireworks.

Wow... that'd be a tough, tiring, terrific day.

08-02-2009, 08:18 PM
I would stay at either the GF or CR. We would arrive at MK before opening, and eat breakfast at CRT. We would grab FP for SM & ride SM. From there we would hit SpM, & BTMRR. From there I would grab FP for SpM, and head towards FL and ride PPF, MTP, SWSA, and Philarmagic. From there, we would grab FP for BTMRR, and hit POTC and JC. Afterwards, we would grab a small snack (either a Mickey Ice Cream Bar or a Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich). Then we would start using our FP, and head back the resort for a 2 hour nap. From there, we would hit the monorail towards Epcot, grab FP for M:S, and ride SSE. From there, we would check out FW. From there, we would grab FP for TT, and eat dinner at Le Cellier. After a nice dinner, we would walk around WS, use our FPs, and find a nice spot between China and Germany to watch Illuminations.