View Full Version : EMH at night? How crowded?

05-28-2009, 09:39 PM
My children are finally old enough to hang for the later EMH. I was wondering what the crowds and line ques were like in comparison to the day? Do they give out FP tickets as well? :waycool:

05-29-2009, 09:34 AM
It depends on the time of year your down.

MK: When we were down in January everything was pretty much a walk on. When we were down for April vacation (after the Easter breaks) there were waits early in the evening by 1:00am the lines were pretty much gone. You could stay in your log on Spash and just keep going around.

DS: Most rides were either no wait or a short one. ToT was never that long, Star Tours was also a walk on. TSM and RnRC both had waits. TSM later in the night was about a 20-25min standby wait.

Epcot: Most rides were maybe a 5-10 min wait when we were down. Of course Soaring had a long wait and TT jumped from short waits to long to closed to open while we were there.

AK: This was my favorite night hours park. The animal part of the park is completely closed. There were CM's directing you away from the area. All the rides were pretty much walk ons. DS just kept getting in the single rider line on EE over and over again. I think after the 5th time he stopped.

There are FP's given out. They are available during the day with times that run into EMH hours. When we were at MK there were some people who had FP's for the EMH hours but were not staying on site and they were not allowed to ride Space Mtn. They were not happy campers.

For us we love EMH night hours. I love the parks at night. If you're there when it's hot, going to the parks at night is nicer than bakin' in the sun.

05-29-2009, 09:43 AM
We've been there during several different months. Generally what we find is that DS is the busiest, with lines at RNR and TOT often longer than normal daytime lines. Epcot is so big it seems to have little effect, although Soarin and Test Track will always have lines. MK can start out very busy for the biggest attractions, but by the last hour you can ride almost everything continously except Space Mountain. Even Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are often walk-ons during the last hour. Have patience and you can really enjoy that extra time.

Daddy Mouse
05-30-2009, 09:45 AM
Thanks for the information. DW and I have always taken advantage of the Early EMH. This trip we plan to try out a couple of Late EMH.

05-30-2009, 10:10 AM
In the summer, I've only seen HUGE crowds. Crowds like you've never seen before, at least for the first couple of hours. The last hour is usually pretty quiet.

Remember, you have 4 parks worth of people potentially trying to extend their day. MK was a mad house, Epcot was OK as most of the rides are in FW. MGM I've never bother with, it's a 1/2 day at best, no need to extend it. AK I've never managed to make it for a evening EMH.