View Full Version : GCH worth the extra $?

05-13-2009, 11:42 AM
Another dumb question that you've most likely answered already:

Myself, DH, DS (2) and DM are going to DL this fall. We stayed at PPH last year, and I was very happy with our stay there. This time, DH is telling me to splurge and book DLH or GCH. (Hmm. Economy's bad. I'd rather save the extra $ for a "rainy day".) He however, thinks staying at GCH would be so fabulous and worth the extra. Level with me here, are the rooms themselves really that much different (besides decor)? It seems like you would be paying the extra $, for proximity to parks, the fact that they have a spa, multiple restaraunts etc...not for a fancier room. Am I right?

05-13-2009, 02:30 PM
I have stayed at all 3 resorts. I was really surprised with GCH ... although they have the same number of restaurants as the DLH ...

We had a room off the lobby and it felt like we were really accessible to everything, although I haven't felt any less accessible at either the PPH or the DLH.

I really liked the GCH ... but I have heard that some of the rooms are small ... we got a double room with a day bed, standard view and the room was as big as the other rooms I have stayed in at both DLH and PPH.

Whether or not it's worth the $$ would depend on how much you actually need the extra $$. :thumbsup:

05-18-2009, 06:49 AM
To be honest, the rooms are about the same size as the other hotels. I have stayed at all three and love the GCH. However, what I love about it has nothing to do with the rooms. For me, it's the theme of the place, it's location, and the pools.

I say, if you want to 'do it up' this time around, get a room at the DLH, have your DM stay with the baby one night while you and your husband go out for a very nice meal at one the fabulous restaurants in the resort! Also, wait until your son is older and can appreciate the pool and coolness of the GCH.

05-19-2009, 09:22 AM
I LOVE the Grand Californian! The theme there is amazing and the hotel itself is so beautiful! We stayed there during my first ever trip to California (or Disney for that matter) and walking into that lobby really took my breath away! We stayed in quite possibly the farthest room from the front desk on the second floor and we could see the park and Downtown Disney from our room - it was awesome. I just can't say enough about this hotel. If you have the money and don't mind spending it, I recommend it whole heartedly!!! :mickey:

05-21-2009, 10:29 AM
In my opinion, unless you get a really great rate, it's not worth it. In December 2005, we booked thr first part of our trip at DLH, went to Catalina, and came back and stayed one (our last night before going home) night at GCH. We had walked through the lobby last time we were at DL and it was beautiful, so we thought we'd splurge on a night there. We had AP's and at the time, the only discount we got was the 10% discount you automatically get, so the cheapest room at the GCH was about $70.00 more a night (I think it ended up being about $320 after taxes and fees).

Well, the cheapest room is so deep inside the hotel, I don't think there could be a longer walk to and from the lobby to the room.

Granted, the GCH is very nice, and the room, although small, was very nice. But the DLH has bigger rooms, and was much more easily accessible. And after a long day at the parks, any less walking you do is appreciated. And if you use the monorail when you go to DL, it's so much quicker (I honestly think that we had a shorter walk from our room at the DLH to DCA than we did staying at the GCH).

So to summarize, IMHO, only stay at the GCH for the following reasons:

1. You spend the extra money for a better located room
2. You really want to try it no matter what room they give you

But do eat at Napa Rose. It's fabulous!