View Full Version : Mt Dew and Pepsi made with Natural sugar.

04-22-2009, 01:44 PM
At our Cub Foods yesterday I saw they were selling what's called "throwback" Mt Dew and Pepsi which is made with narural sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Mt Dew is my all time favorite pop but I am not sure I like the taste of the one made with sugar. Maybe it's because I have had Dew made with HFCS for so long. It almost doesn't taste like Mt Dew but more of a generic citrus soda.

Anyone else try the "Throwback" version.

04-22-2009, 03:13 PM
I've also referred to them as Passover or Kosher... I've been trying to find some Kosher Coke but haven't been able to locate any.

04-22-2009, 03:30 PM
wow this is good to hear. i dont drink soda often but i especially avoid any with high fructose corn syrup, which means i usually have to drink Jones. HFCS is sooo bad for you. i mean sugar isnt that great either but HFCS is THE WORST for your health and messes with your system. (any wonder it was introduced in the 70's and thats when the 'obesity boom' started?) thanks for posting this! i hope they keep it around.

AZ Disney
04-22-2009, 06:10 PM
You'll most likely be able to find the Coke made with real sugar in any International grocery store. Don't quote me but I believe most other countries use regular old sugar and not HFCS. Here in PHX I can buy Coke at Food City which carries all the local favorites of Mexico. When we travel to Rocky Point, Mexico we always buy some in the little glass bottles too. Love it!

04-22-2009, 07:28 PM
Well, from what I hear, there are limits on sugar imports to make the corn farmers happy. Keeps the prices up.

Funny they are now selling the corn for fuel rather than HFCS, etc... But I don't want to get too far off topic.

Many "foreign" countries use sugar...

The passover/kosher coke is a temporary thing as is the Pepsi/Mtn. Dew I suspect. If you find it, might want to stock up.

Coke with the yellow cap is the kosher Coke.

04-23-2009, 07:44 AM
I accidently picked up a "throwback" Mt Dew this morning and am now trying to finsish it off. Prettty strong. I thought "throwback" referred to the 70's-80's looking label. :D I should have read this post yesterday!:blush: