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01-06-2009, 03:34 PM
Does anyone else loathe the Disney Website? It is horrible, in my opinion. It is slow, difficult to navigate, and when you can get where you want, the information is slim.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Luv Eeyore
01-06-2009, 03:39 PM
I don't think I'd go so far as to say I loathe it, but I have had problems lately with a lack of speed, links not working and some areas with a decided lack of information. I was trying to find out if they still do the Pirate Adventure cruise for kids at the GF and couldn't find any info on the website. Had to call and ask (they do still do the cruise much to DS's delight).

01-06-2009, 03:41 PM
I'm not on the site often enough to care either way. I've been on other sites that are worse and some that are better.

01-06-2009, 05:11 PM
I'm not a fan (nor is DW). There's a lot of mystery-meat navigation, and, IMO, some areas with very little information. For example - I was looking into some of the anniversary/romance stuff on their website, and too much of it still says "Coming in Spring 2009."

That's fine, except that people are planning a lot of that stuff now, and I shouldn't have to call and plow through a bunch of voice menus and random phone banks in order to simply find out some basic information.

01-06-2009, 06:42 PM
We have dial up (our only choice) Loading all the graphics takes somewhere around forever. I don't even go to the site. It's just to slow.

01-06-2009, 08:39 PM
Yes! Very slow and difficult to navigate. Checking hotel rates is near impossible.

Polynesian Dweller
01-06-2009, 08:49 PM
It could be faster and better organized but I don't loathe it either. Never have trouble finding room rates. They could provide more in depth information.

01-06-2009, 09:39 PM
Not a fan of this xD whatever it is. Too many commercials and it's too hard to get to the meat. When you get there, like others said, it's mostly fluff...

It's a lot like the planning videos now. They really don't help much.

01-06-2009, 10:17 PM
It's a lot like the planning videos now. They really don't help much.

The planning videos help quite a bit. On a good day, I can pop one of those in, and it entrances the kids long enough for me to make something a bit closer to a homemade dinner than two boxes and a random bag from the freezer.

But yeah, in terms of actual information, the planning DVD is really only useful if you have never been the parks, and want thumbnail sketches of everything.

01-06-2009, 11:30 PM
OK, it's a nice looking site - if you have no WDW experience! Just like - IMHO - the Birnbaums Official Guide! I think they both have nice pictures, give a nice brief description of whatever it is & that's it! It's just Fluff or Frosting! Now for those of us that want the "Meat" we gota go elsewhere! Like here! I find all the info I need on here, if I can't find it, I know all I have to do is ask & one of my fellow Intercotees is going to be thrilled to be able to provide the answer! :rocks:That website drives me crazy! :thedolls: It seems like half of the time, it isn't even operational! I tried to book on line a few weeks ago & finally gave up & called WDW directly! I log in, I try to save iteneraries & favorites, sometimes I can retrieve the info & sometimes I can't! So, now I don't even bother with it! I make my own spreadsheet & only log on there to look at the pictures & order my new planning dvd every year. I'm not sure why, but I love those! Curiously so, because the last dvd, was more like their website, just "fluff" & "frosting"! But still to be able to pop it in my dvd player & see a little of the magic, that's pretty magical! :magic:

01-07-2009, 03:46 AM
I like the website but I look at the UK version which I find is much better than the US version. Its fast to load and there area few more ride videos and things than on the US version plus you can opt for a low bandwidth site if your connection is slow.
My only complaint is the updates aren't as fast as the US version. For example its still telling us its the year of a million dreams which has ended

01-07-2009, 09:55 AM
I can't rightly say that I loathe too much in this world ... I try not to get too extreme in my definitions ... just like I never give 110% (impossible to give more than you can give, you know).

They are very pretty, a very nice experience, moderately helpful and if you know how to "play" them, they can provide a good deal of information.

So can Google, however, which is where I find the absolutely best maps and detail information about anything. But the official line is nicely, if slowly, presented.

01-07-2009, 10:55 AM
You have NO idea how much!



01-07-2009, 02:19 PM
My biggest issue with their site isn't necessarily the design (although I can't say I like it much either). It's that they must be running it on hardware that's like 5 years old!

It is so slow! For a massive, international company like Disney, that pretends to be a very tech savvy organization, the fact that they run their sites on such outdated, poorly performing hardware is unforgiveable.

There have been many times when I've just flat out given up using one of their sites because it takes forever to get anything done.

And actually the DVC member site is even worse! :thedolls:

01-08-2009, 12:00 PM
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one, even though loathe may have been too strong of a word.

It just seems like you have to work (and wait) so hard to get somewhere only to find that the information you were seeking isn't there! I keep hoping that they will re-imagine it.