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Dec. 31, 1918 – Virginia Davis, Walt Disney’s first human star (and would appear in the first 13 titles of Disney’s early Alice Comedies), was born in Kansas City, Missouri.
Dec. 31, 1920 – Western entertainer Rex Allen, who would perform as a narrator, singer, and actor in more than 80 Disney films and provide the voice for 150 different Disney cartoon characters. He would also be the original voice of the father and the current grandfather in Disney’s “Carousel of Progress,” was born in his Grandmother Clark’s home in Wilcox, Az.
Dec. 31, 1932 – A Florentine publisher named G. Nerbini launched a weekly magazine called “Topolino” (which means “mouse” in Italian. This Italian version of Mickey Mouse was badly drawn – but recognizable to fans.
Dec. 31, 1936 – Walt Disney and his wife gained a second daughter when they adopted a girl named Sharon Mae.
Dec. 31, 1940 – Actor Tim Considine, Spin Evans on Disney’s “Spin and Marty” TV series, was born in Los Angeles, Ca.
Dec. 31, 1947 – Actor Tim Matheson, who portrays Captain Braddock in Epcot’s “Body Wars” attraction and Private Jeff Reed in the 1979 “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again,” was born in Glendale, Ca.
Dec. 31, 1957 – Leigh Wool Fenden of Phoenix, Arizona became the 10-millionth guest to enter Disneyland.
Dec. 31, 1957 – A “New Year’s Eve” party was held for the 1st time in Disneyland.
Dec. 31, 1962 – Universal’s feature “40 Pounds of Trouble,” starring Tony Curtis and Suzanne Pleshette, was released. It is the first non-Disney motion picture to use Disneyland as a location.
Dec. 31, 1969 – The Disney film “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” was released.

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