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12-18-2008, 06:55 PM
Does anyone know what is going on with 'The Complete Guide To Walt Disney World 2009' by Julie and Mike Neal? I have been trying to order this book since the middle of October and the release date has been changed a couple of times. Now, it has supposedly been released, but no one has the book in stock yet. What is going on? I love this book and I want to get it before my trip at the end of Feb. Supposedly, my new delivery date is the first week of February, but I still don't understand why. I can understand that they may only get a few copies at a time, but I pre-ordered this book, so I am not sure why the publisher isn't sending enough books to at least cover those of us who pre-ordered. Does any of that make sense?

Julie Neal
12-19-2008, 05:39 AM
So sorry about the delay. The new book is at the printer now, and will ship Tuesday, Dec. 23rd. Bookstores and Amazon should have it about a week later.

When Mike and I started on the 2009 edition, we had a lot of ideas on how to improve it. Those improvements took a lot longer than we estimated. Now our photos are bigger, and there is a What's New overview up front, new articles on Saving Time and Saving Money, at-a-glance summaries in each theme park chapter and hour-by-hour wait times for each attraction. All 700 attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels at Disney World are rated and reviewed. One good thing about the delay is that the book is completely up to date, including the American Idol Experience and the addition of Barack Obama to the Hall of Presidents.

Thanks for your kind words about the book. I hope you like the new edition!

12-19-2008, 03:16 PM
Julie- Thank you so much for answering my question. I have been anxiously awaiting your new book and amazon wasn't exactly being helpful in explaining what the problem was. Can't wait to get the new book!

12-20-2008, 01:13 PM

We are heading to Disney on 1/3....we ordered the book in October.... Amazon just sent me a notice saying the book will be delivered on 1/5.... ususally Amazon stuff shows up a little early.... I don't know what to do. SHould I cancel it and order next time we head to Disney (3-4 years) or wait...

Please help!!


Julie Neal
12-20-2008, 01:27 PM
Amazon should get the new edition the day after Christmas, on Friday, 12/26. It usually takes a day or so for everything to get processed, and for them to ship out orders. You should get the book in time. You could always get it sent to your hotel; that would make sure you get it for your trip. Just let Amazon know you want a different address for shipping :)