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Dec. 9, 1837 - Composer Emile Waldteufel, whose work “Estudiantina” would be featured in “The Timekeeper” attraction at WDW, was born in Strasbourg, France.
Dec. 9, 1914 – Animator, story man and Disney Legend Mel Shaw was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He would work on such classics as “Fantasia,” “Bambi,” “The Rescuers,” and “The Lion King.”
Dec. 9, 1928 – Actor Dick Van Patten, whose Disney credits include the 1975 film “The Strongest Man in the World” and the 1976 films “The Shaggy D.A.,” and “Freaky Friday,” was born in N.Y.C.
Dec. 9, 1931 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey’s Orphans” was released.
Dec. 9, 1931 – Actress Paddi Edwards, the voice of Atropos for Disney’s animated “Hercules,” was born. Her Disney credits also include the feature “An Extremely Goofy Movie,” and TV episodes of “Timon and Pumbaa,” and “The Little Mermaid.”
Dec. 9, 1933 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Night Before Christmas” was released.
Dec. 9, 1934 – Actress Judi Dench, the voice of Mrs. Calloway in Disney’s 2004 animated feature “Home on the Range,” was born in England.
Dec. 9, 1938 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “Merbabies” was released.
Dec. 9, 1955 – The Mickey Mouse Club aired the episode “Today is Talent Round-Up Day” on ABC-TV.
Dec. 9, 1957 – Singer-actor Donny Osmond, who supplied the singing voice for Captain Li Shong in Disney’s “Mulan,” was born in Ogden, Ut.

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