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Dec. 7, 1910 – Trumpeter, bandleader, singer and composer Louis Prima, known for his memorable contribution to Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” was born in New Orleans, La.
Dec. 7, 1928 – Disney’s 2nd Mickey Mouse short “Gallopin’ Gaucho” was released.
Dec. 7, 1929 – Publisher and Disney Legend Gaudenzio Capelli was born in Milan, Italy. During his 33-year career he would help make Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters popular through his “Topolino” magazine.
Dec. 7, 1935 – Disney artist John Lounsbery (one of Walt’s “Nine Old Men”) married Florence Hurd at the Forest Lawn Chapel in Ca.
Dec. 7, 1941 – Walt heard the news over the radio of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. He received a phone call from his studio manager telling him that army troops were moving onto their Burbank, Ca. lot. The troops were going to provide an anti-aircraft installation to protect the nearby Lockheed factory (which manufactured airplanes for all the armed forces.)
Dec. 7, 1945 – Disney’s Pluto cartoon “Canine Patrol” was released.
Dec. 7, 1955 – The Disneyland TV series aired “The Goofy Success Story.”
Dec. 7, 1955 – The Mickey Mouse Club aired the episode “Today is Anything Can Happen Day” on ABC-TV.
Dec. 7, 1961 – The “Babes in Toyland Exhibit” opened on Main Street at Disneyland.
Dec. 7, 1964 – Compass East Corporation was incorporated in Delaware. It would be responsible for buying up the Florida land that will eventually become WDW.

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