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Dec. 6, 1903 - Ruth Flora Disney, Walt’s sister was born in Chicago. (She would move to Portland, Or. And marry Theodore Beecher.)
Dec. 6, 1915 – Delmer J. Yoakum – an artist, oil and watercolor painter, designer, scrigrapher, and motion picture studio scenic artist was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. He would go on to paint the Grand Canyon and Primeval World Diorama scenery (viewable from the train of Disneyland Railroad), portions of Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, Ca.
Dec. 6, 1920 – Legendary jazz pianist-composer Dave Brubeck (known for his 1959 million-selling hit “Take Five”) was born in Concord, Ca. In 1957 he would release the theme album “Dave Digs Disney,” a collection of well-known Disney songs.
Dec. 6, 1922 – The Laugh-O-Gram silent Black & white cartoon “Cinderella” was released.
Dec. 6, 1922 – The Laugh-O-Gram combination live-action and animated short “Tommy Tuckers Tooth,” written and co-animated by Walt Disney was released. It was made for a local Kansas City dentist, Dr. Thomas B. McCrum.
Dec. 6, 1924 – Character actor Wally Cox was born in Detroit, Michigan. His Disney credits include the live-action films “The Barefoot Executive” and “The Boatniks.” (Cartoon fans may remember him as the voice of Underdog)
Dec. 6, 1937 – A sneak preview for Disney’s first full-length animated feature “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” took place in a theater in Pomona, Ca. (The film’s grand premiere was scheduled for Dec. 21st in Hollywood.)
Dec. 6, 1953 – Actor Tom Hulce, the voice of Quasimodo in Disney’s 1996 animated release “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” was born in White Water, Wisconsin.
Dec. 6, 1955 – The Mickey Mouse Club aired the episode “Today is Guest Star Day” on ABC-TV.
Dec. 6, 1958 – Walt Disney wrote his annual birthday letter to his sister Ruth. Walt wrote of his new Palm Springs place, his grandchildren, and his “Art of Animation” exhibit that the studio has prepared for the San Francisco Museum. Along with his wishes for a Happy Birthday was a check for Ruth.

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