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Feb. 14, 1903 – Actor Stuart Erwin was born in Squaw Valley, Ca. His Disney credits include “The Misadventures of Merlin Jones,” “Son of Flubber,” and “Moochie of the Little League.”
Feb. 14, 1913 – Disney Legend Roberto de Leonardis was born in Naples, Italy. Starting in 1947, he would go to work for Disney to translate and dub films like Bambi and Pinocchio for Italian audiences.
Feb. 14, 1919 - Alan Alexander Milne, the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh was discharged from the army.
Feb. 14, 1923 – Skating star Donna Atwood (known for her performances with the Ice Capades) was born in Newton, Ks. She would be the ice model for Thumper in Disney’s “Bambi.”
Feb. 14, 1929 - The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant opened at 1624 Vine St. and is now an inspiration for Disney-MGM Studios Restaurants.
Feb. 14, 1941 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Little Whirlwind” was released.
Feb. 14, 1946 – Disney’s Educational film “The Building of a Tire” was delivered to the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.
Feb. 14, 1957 – The Disney film “The Blue Men of Morocco” was released.
Feb. 14, 1957 – Disney re-released “Cinderella” in theaters for a second time.
Feb. 14, 1973 – Disney’s live-action film “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” starring Tim Conway, Jan-Michael Vincent, and John Amos, was released in theaters.

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