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Nov. 13, 1850 – Scottish Novelist, essayists, and poet Robert Louis Stevenson, whose 1883 book “Treasure Island,” and would be the basis of Disney’s 2003 animated feature “Treasure Planet,” was born in Edinburgh.
Nov. 13, 1906 – Actress Hermione Baddeley was born in Shropshire, England. Her Disney credits include “Mary Poppins,” “The Happiest Millionaire,” and “The Aristocats.”
Nov. 13, 1917 – Disney Legend Armand Bigle was born in Paris, France. He would come to be known as Disney’s Godfather of Europe for opening up new merchandising territories in that continent.
Nov. 13, 1934 – Actor-director Gary Marshall, the voice of Buck Cluck in the 2005 feature “Chicken Little,” was born in N.Y.C. Marshall also directed both “The Princess Diaries” and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” live-action features.
Nov. 13, 1940 – Disney’s 3rd feature film, “Fantasia” premiered at New York’s Broadway Theater.
Nov. 13, 1955 – Actress Whoopi Goldberg, the voice of Shenzi in Disney’s “The Lion King,” was born in N.Y.C.
Nov. 13, 1957 – The Disney TV show “To the South Pole for Science” aired.
Nov. 13, 1959 – The Disney TV show aired episode 7 of “Elfego Baca: Move Along Mustangers.”
Nov. 13, 1960 – The Disney TV show aired “Donald’s Silver Anniversary.”
Nov. 13, 1966 – The Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color aired “A Ranger’s Guide to Nature” on NBC-TV.

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