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11-04-2008, 04:18 PM
It's Time To Celebrate "You"!

Celebrate "you" every day. Stand out in the crowd with our personalized t-shirts commemorating special celebrations in your life (i.e Happy Birthday, Just Married, Family Reunion), or maybe we can lend you a hand or even better an "ear" with our Create-Your-Own ear hat program. But if its pins that are your "trade" then be sure to find that special character pin and personalize yours today.

Personalized T-shirts
Beginning November 14, 2008, be sure to stop by our newest personalization location on Main Street, U.S.A., Celebration Custom Printers - Specializing in Wearable Memories. Here you can have your name imprinted on specially designed commemorative t-shirts. So, whether you are celebrating your birthday, commemorating your recent nuptials or identifying your family members with our special "Family Reunion" tees, you're sure to come away with a special memory that will last a lifetime. And for our younger Jedi Knights in Training or Disney Princesses to be, now you can choose to personalize your own t-shirt with our special kids only imprinted tees. T-shirt prices will range from $17.95 for Kids to $19.95 for Adults, plus personalization. Printed personalization will be available for approximately $4.00 per line on applicable t-shirts.

Personalized T-shirts include:

Just Married
Mickey and Minnie in wedding attire - Ladies style; Shirt Color - White; Names personalized above the graphic

Happy Birthday
Mickey, Goofy and Donald celebrate your birthday - Available in Adults and Youth; Shirt Color(s) - Lime Green or Gray; Name can be personalized below graphic

Family Reunion
Mickey and the gang - Available in Adult, Youth and Infant; Shirt Color - Gray; Family's last name and year can be personalized below graphic

Youth Only T-shirts:

Jedi in Training
Mickey in the Jedi Training Academy complete with Light Saber - Available in Youth sizes; Shirt Color- Gray; Personalized with Jedi Training Academy and child's first name

Official Member of the Royal Court
Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine - Available in Youth sizes; Shirt Color - Pink; Personalized with the word Princess and the child's first name

For more information, please visit Celebration Custom Printers - Specializing in Wearable Memories located to the right side of Disney Showcase on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland« park.


An Ear-Ful of Fun!
You'll be grinning from "ear" to "ear" with our Create-Your-Own Ear Hat program. It's just FOUR (4) easy steps: Find An Ear Hat Base, Select Your Desired "Ears", Accessorize, and last but not least, remember the signature of any ear hat, to have your name embroidered on the back. To learn more or to create-your-own ear hat, visit The Gag Factory located in Mickey's ToonTown at Disneyland« park.


Personalize Your Pin
Celebrate friends, family or even yourself with a variety of Disney character pins, names and phrases, including Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleanos, #1 Mom and more. Base pins will retail between $6.95 to $8.95 (plus tax). The PVC Nameplates will retail at $2.00 each (plus tax). Personalize your own pin is available at select locations at the Disneyland« Resort, including Little Green Men Store Command and Disney's Pin Traders.

Here's How it Works!

1. Start by choosing a base pin
2. Next select a PVC name or phrase plate
3. Attach the magnetic base plate to the base of the pin
4. Congratulations! Your pin is complete

For more information on personalized pins, please click here (http://eventservices.disney.go.com/pintrading/event?id=39320).


11-04-2008, 04:23 PM
How CUTE! I would totally get a birthday shirt!

12-06-2008, 05:11 AM
Me too, that's going to be awesome next year. No mention of new name tags though. :D