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11-02-2008, 12:13 AM
I was thinking about attended a Princess-look-alike audition for HK Disneyland. I was wondering what/if anything I need to prepare for it. The write up doesn't mention. For example, do they make you sing/dance? Do they expect you to pick a character listed and be prepared to do their specific voice? Anything you know or any tips would be great.

Hong Kong Disneyland is seeking Female Disney Character Look-a-like performers ready for a life-enriching experience in one of the world's most exciting and exotic locales.

Excellent benefits include roundtrip airfare, individual housing with paid utilities, shuttle service to and from work, medical and dental coverage, paid vacations and sick days, plus a competitive salary, a daily living allowance and the Magic of Disney!

Female performers are needed to portray beloved Disney heroines, 5'2" - 5'7". We will be seeking females for the following roles: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Alice in Wonderland.


Performers must be 18 years of age and willing to relocate to Hong Kong for the duration of their contract.

Six month contracts being in Spring 2009.

11-02-2008, 12:59 AM
Wow that almost makes me wish I looked like one of the princesses oh and I guess I would have to be female too, oh well. Well for what it's worth, I knew a TInkerbell years ago and she said when she auditioned for her role all she had to do was look the part and have some of the mannerisms down when she got there. For an actual Princess however, I am assuming that if you can do your hair in a similar style (not necessary but every bit helps) and makeup, you will be considered a stronger candidate. When DIsney chooses people in these key crowd direct interaction roles they want enthusiasm and someone who TRULY wants to be that character. The more character-like you appear the better. That being said, if you can not do it well (hair/makeup, etc, don't do it at all. Let them see what they can do for you not how you will mess it up in the first place. If there is a particular Princess you think you look like, dress up for it, or at least compose yourself like the character, watch the film, learn a few mannerisms. If you can go to WDW or Dl and see what they current princesses do, try to emulate that. Disney has a specific formula for these characters and if they feel you can pull it off naturally, they will no doubt consider you more than the next person who has not taken the time to "know" her character inside and out. Take the time to learn her speech patters/accent, whatever. If you say that you can sing, I have no doubt they will as you to sing one of your character's songs. Pull it off and you are in! In the end it all comes down to how good you look and how enthusiastic you can be about being a Princess. Go for it and have fun, that's what it's all about. Let us know if you make it and maybe we will see you in HKD soon!

11-02-2008, 01:52 AM
I really disagree with styling your hair to look like any princess. Why?

Because they'll judge your face's bone structure, complexion, and everything else and compare it to the EXISTING performers. It's not about how much you look like Snow White or Belle, but rather, how much you look like everyone else who is friends with those characters. Slender builds, good silhouette. Make-up, I strongly recommend however, because you should always have a basic foundation on when auditioning for a performance. Also, wear comfortable clothes and if you have them, performance-style shoes.

They won't care much about the mannerisms, speech, understanding or anything like that, at least not at first. What they want to know is if you can even do a basic dance routine and if you can animate your body. If you can't do even that, then they could care less if you looked identical to all the other Princess friends.

The audition will consist of a basic dance routine of 2 counts of eight. Meaning, a minimum of 4 steps, that you will learn one by one and then compile into a routine. Make everything bigger than life and never stop smiling. If you feel like you look stupid, you probably are but you're doing it right. Even Princesses need to know basic animations and how to accentuate if you were in a costume that limits movement.

I've been to the audition twice now, and while it was for both face and furry friends, they concept will be the same. Both times, I was denied due to my build (I'm rather top-heavy and got some curves), despite a decent performance (better than others who were picked) and openings in my height range.

The only difference would be that for some auditions for face friends, they will do a line up and pick the ones from the line they think look closest to the friends who currently have. All others will be turned away and encouraged to try again in a year. I've seen this for when we were looking for SWW and Fairies.

If chosen and there are any changes to your body at all, you can be disapproved for the characters. Sometimes, it's not even your fault - new costumes will often be tight and hard to zip up, causing it to appear as if the performer gained weight, larger chest, and getting them to lose that role. Older costumes can shrink with the repeated washing, making them too short or the performer who is in the height range is on the taller end of the scale (5'6+) might appear too tall.

Hope this helps and I hope it doesn't sound harsh. I'm just letting you know from what I've known and seen firsthand, and even with that, Entertainment is never nice.

11-03-2008, 01:18 PM
Thanks everyone. Would dance sneakers, yoga pants, and a t-shirt/velour track jacket be appropriate to wear?

Also - it doesn't say what to bring. I'm assuming headshot/resume?

Never been to an audition like this so all tips are great!

11-03-2008, 11:18 PM
That sounds perfect as far as cloths. They will take a photo there of you guys and begin comparing them, if it's the same as the other auditions I've been to for them.

Feel free to bring a head shot and resume, but you probably won't need it.

11-05-2008, 08:18 AM
I thought I'd let everyone know what it was like yesterday.

There were about 60 girls. We all signed in and handed in a headshot/resume then just waited till the casting director called all of us into the studio next door.

Once in, he introduced us to a choreographer who showed all of us a basic movement/dance. Nothing crazy, basically just parade type movement and waving. We went through piece by piece and then all the way through slowly a few times.

Then we broke into four groups to run through it with him again to music. Each group did it with him.

Then they called groups of four girls to come out and do it to music without him.

After we had all gone, the casting director called out about 5 girls to stay and thanked everyone else.

I wasn't one of the five but it was a good experience and something I'd try again. I know more what to expect now and what I could do better next time. There were girls who were fantastic that were turned away so I know how subjective it really is. Just a matter of being the right person at the right time.

Thanks for the help! :)