View Full Version : Magical express...has this ever happend to you?

11-01-2008, 11:42 AM
We just got our magical express tickets in the mail whoo hoo!!! We are a party of 4: me, DH, DD and DM. ME, DH, and DD are going for 7 nights and DM is going for 4 nights. We are all staying in the same room at CSR. We all have the same tickets because of this: 7 day hopper with the Dining plan. (DM is just going to eat a lot when she is there and we are also going to use some dining credits for a signature meal.)

The only thing different is our magical express. She is leaving taking a flight home 3 days before us. When I receive our magical express it only had mine, DH, and DD arriving flight info on it. It says my DM's name but it says no flight info provided. On the return flights for all 4 of us it says no flight info provided for all 4 of us. I gave Disney our flight info months ago so I am a little confused.

When I spoke to ME they confirmed all of our flights. They said they don't issue a new magical express booklet as long as the info is right in their computer. Has this ever happend to any-one? Did you end up having problems with your magical express? I know that Disney says that everything is all set, but without having anything in writting I am a little worried.

Pirate Granny
11-01-2008, 12:07 PM
We travel alot and have staggered flight times different days...and that's normally how ME handles...it doesn't identify a flight...but if you called and they have it in their computers you should be fine. Did you get luggage tags for DM also...??? Since you have your booklet and yellow tags, you'll be fine on the trip down...when you check in at the ME desk they will CONFIRM all your flights again...so you should feel confident that they have your correct information.

Have a WONDERFUL time...we'll be there in 12 days...HURRAY

11-01-2008, 12:34 PM
We do have our luggage stickers and we have 4 tickets for the magical express. We don't have anything for the return flights but if I remember correctly they take care of that on check out. I was just a little concerned because my mother will be leaving before our room is checked out.