View Full Version : Tried Spaceship Earth, it was OK, not great

Polynesian Dweller
10-25-2008, 10:05 PM
Finally got to ride SSE and half to say it was OK. Not great, but OK. The refurbished ascent really is quite an improvement and makes the story of improving communications over the centuries a more coherent story.

If that improvment had been shown all the way through then the ride could be great but there were a few less than perfect moments. First, Judi Dench was OK but some of the dialog she had to read was just irritating. Trying to call the Roman roads 'the first world wide web' and the Arab and Jewish scholars saving some early knowledge 'the first backup system' were frankly silly comments that really felt like too much of a stretch and trying too hard.

But the real problem, is at the top when you see the earth. This should be a climax moment, it should bring the whole story together in a uplifting final moment. But it doesn't. It just dosen't fit and you keep waiting for the climax. Every good movie or story has a climax and then finishes with an epilogue. The climax here is clearly supposed to be now that we've been shown what came before that has created the communications we enjoy today and we should have been shown that (how about communications satellites circling the earth and people communicating via phone, internet, TV etc. Then we would have had that moment that finished the story we had just been through. But that doesn't happen.

The epilogue here is supposed to be the little cartoon sequence coming down. But without the climax moment, you play with the screen feeling like something is missing, you should have the story finished. But that cartoon isn't designed to do that, its supposed to take beyond the now into what comes after your story, that's an epilogue.

Ok, that's a long winded way of saying, that the problem isn't with the ending of the ride, its actually right at the top. The story never got finished.

But its still worth doing especially for all the well done changes at the beginning.

10-26-2008, 02:21 PM
This ride used to be my and DH's favorite ride, and while it is still good and we still rode it 5 times on our last trip, I agree that it is now missing something. I like the upgrades to the costumes, audio-animatronics, and lighting on the ascent, but I too felt let down by the scene at the very top. I think that the sound track had a lot to do with the feeling you used to get when you saw the Earth. The music swelled and Jeremy Irons said "...on this our Spaceship Earth." It all worked together to give me a tingly feeling. Honestly I couldn't tell you what Judy Dench said at that part of the ride, it just didn't stick with me.

I do have to say one thing about the new narrative. It is much more kid friendly in explaining the history of communications. I mean this ride has been a favorite of mine since I was little, but I wasn't the average kid when it came to the types of rides that were my favorites since Living with the Land was always a favorite when I was little too. I think the new narrative will appeal to a different generation of people that might have been bored by the old narrative.

Overall not my favorite renovation to a ride, but at least they didn't butcher it like the did to Journey into Imagination!

10-27-2008, 09:30 AM
I went when they were doing the soft openings back in December. I thought they would have changed it by the February opening. But I guess they didn't. I still think they ruined the ride with the descent. It went from a very good ride to a horrible ride. I even wrote a letter stating my disappoinment at what they considered an inprovement. A chessy cartoon? With all the technology and graphics they have now days. They only came up with a 60's style cartoon. Where are the animators? Oh yeah I forgot... They got rid of them. Another one of their horrible mistakes. You know.. My kids could have done a better job with this. I know the next time I go this will be a must miss ride.

Future World was always my favorite at EPCOT. Not so much anymore. No Horizons,Wonders Of Life,World of Motion. No Communicore. What they have now I skip. In The Land I only go to Soarin. Listen to the Land just isn't the same without the live guides. Nemo is Ok. Journey, I just can't take anymore. And now SSE.

What will do to World Showcase?

10-27-2008, 02:19 PM
Have to agree with you Polynesian Dweller.
It is OK at best. I don't mind the voice of Dame Judi Dench (though I still prefer Jeremy Irons), and I agree with your "silly comments" observation. So much more could have been done with this attraction.
To end on a positive note, the udates to the attraction, especially during the ascent, are great!

10-27-2008, 10:25 PM
i'm can be pretty negative at times, but I am trying to be positive about this one. SE used to be my favorite ride, but it is probably 2nd or at least tied for 1st.
Sure, I liked the last incarnation better, but it's still excellent. I am not a fan of the slapstick nature of the final segment, but I do love the language options. Many travelers from abroad will love it, and I enjoy hearing it in another language for its encore. I loved the older rides like rio del tiempo, world of motion, and the older universe of energy, but times change, and we have to face that. I hate change, but I love WDW, and they make change just a little more palatable. Sure, I wish I was still 15 and SE was as it was back then, but it's not gonna happen.
Just my 2 cents, nothing more...

goofy for pluto
10-28-2008, 12:43 PM
My favorite ride in all of WDW was SE.
I am sick at what the ride has become.
Walt Disney said he would never talk down to children. If only WDW management had taken that fact to heart with the SE refurbishment.
Maybe eventually they will refurbish the descent of the ride, and restore SE to its previous glory.