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Oct. 23, 1925 – The Iris Theater in Los Angeles, Ca. previewed Disney’s Alice Comedy film “Alice in the Jungle.”
Oct. 23, 1930 - Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Picnic” was released.
Oct. 23, 1931 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Spider and the Fly” was released.
Oct. 23, 1941 – Disney’s 4th animated feature film “Dumbo” was released.
Oct. 23, 1942 – Disney’s Goofy cartoon “How to Swim” was released.
Oct. 23, 1953 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Rugged Bear” was released.
Oct. 23, 1957 – The Disney TV show aired “Duck for Hire.”
Oct. 23, 1959 – The Walt Disney Presents TV show aired episode 1 of “The Swamp Fox: Birth of the Swamp Fox.”
Oct. 23, 1960 – Walt Disney Presents aired “All About Magic” on ABC-TV.
Oct. 23, 1964 – The first 5-acre lot for the WDW project was purchased by the Ayefour Corp. Ayefour (a spin on the name Interstate 4) is one of many puppet companies setup by Disney to secretly buy land in Florida. If news of Disney’s new resort leaks out, the land prices will soar.

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Wow, the first purchase for the Florida project. Cool:thumbsup:

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Walt was such a smart man!! and now I want to go pop in Dumbo.... would it be totally pathetic if I watched it while the kids were in school???


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Thanks for the reminder. The purchase of property for the "Florida Project" is a great story. Some of the other names Walt used in buying the property were:
MT Lott Real Estate
Tomahawk Properties
Latin American Development
Bay Lake Properties
Reedy Creek Ranch Lands
Compass East Corporation

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