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10-19-2008, 06:39 AM
We had a patient come in tonight who was a little "off". When asked how his pain was, his response was "zip a dee doo dah". Now I keep singing the song here at work.

Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder . . .

10-19-2008, 10:46 AM

10-19-2008, 08:45 PM
Gotta love a fellow Disney fanatic! I hope he's ok?

10-20-2008, 04:49 AM
He was okay when I left work this morning. I don't know what happened after that. Tonight isn't nearly as much fun though.

mouseketeer mom
10-20-2008, 06:40 AM
Hearing Zip a Dee Doo Dah always puts a spring in my step! It is my fave Disney song:mickey:

Marilyn Michetti
10-20-2008, 10:02 AM
Your patient sounds like a survivor.:)

10-20-2008, 10:25 AM
Great story - I use "zip a dee doo dah" quite a bit myself. :D

10-22-2008, 12:00 PM
So, my last night at work was another disneyish moment. I work in a hospital that is smack dab in the middle of Sun City (a retirement community for those of you who don't know.) Everyone gets squeamish around kids, because we don't have a lot of experience with them. So, a mom drove her young son in who was having difficulty breathing. Everyone stood around looking at him like he was from another planet until I came walking in and noticed his Winnie the Pooh shirt.

As the doctor was looking in his various bodily orifices, I was commenting on how he was finding Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, etc. The little boy was getting a kick out of it, but the MD was looking at me like I had grown two heads. :D I thought it was pretty funny, but since he's the medical director of the ER, I figured I had better tone it down. Besides if I got too cozy with him, they would've wanted me to stick an IV in him. Not my idea of a good time.