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Oct. 2, 1890 – Comedian & film star Groucho Marx (Best known for the 15 feature films he made with his siblings, the Marx Brothers) was born Julius Henry Marx in N.Y.C. (He would be caricatured in the Disney shorts “Mickey’s Gala Premier,” “Mother Goose Goes Hollywood,” and “The Autograph Hound,” along with his “silent” brother Harpo. Disney animator Ward Kimball would even appear on a 1954 episode of Groucho’s TV show You Bet Your Life.
Oct. 2, 1950 – Peanuts, created by Charles M. Schultz, first debuted in seven U.S. newspapers. (As a boy, Schultz was interested in comics, especially Popeye and the characters created by Walt Disney. Back in the 1930’s, he wrote to Walt Disney asking for a job…but didn’t get one. In 1996 Schultz would be honored with a sidewalk star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…right next to Walt Disney’s.)
Oct. 2, 1951 – Musician-actor Sting, born Gordon Matthew Sumner, who wrote some of the music for Disney’s 2000 animated feature “The Emperor’s New Groove,” was born in England.
Oct. 2, 1953 – Disney’s special cartoon “Football Now and Then” was released.
Oct. 2, 1957 – The Disneyland TV series aired the 1st of the 6-part miniseries, “Saga of Andy Burnett: Andy’s Initiation.”
Oct. 2, 1959 – Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” had its debut on CBS-TVwith an episode called “Where is Everybody.” The successful series would later be the inspiration for WDW’S attraction “Tower of Terror.” (Ironically an inspection certificate outside the towers elevators has the number 10259 written on it. 10259 …Oct. 2, ’59!
Oct. 2, 1959 – The Disneyland attraction “Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules” closed in Frontierland.
Oct. 2, 1959 – Disney’s part-1 of its 2-part movie “Moochie of the Little League” aired. (Part-2 aired Oct. 9, 1959)
Oct. 2, 1960 – Walt Disney Presents aired the episode “Davy Crockett and the River Pirates” on ABC-TV.
Oct. 2, 1960 – Singer-songwriter & guitarist Robbie Nevil was born in Los Angeles, Ca. (He wrote three songs on the chart-topping “High School Musical” soundtrack and cp-wrote the theme song to “Hannah Monatan.”

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