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Oct. 1, 1865 – French composer and teacher of classical music Paul Abraham Dukas was born in Paris. (Dukas’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” would be used for a spectacular 8-minute sequence in Disney’s 1940 “Fantasia.”
Oct. 1, 1911 – Award-winning conductor/orchestrator and Disney Legend Irwin Kostal was born in Chicago, Il. He would bring his musical genius to such Disney classic motion pictures as “Mary Poppins,” “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” and “Pete’s Dragon.” (In 1962 he would win a Grammy Award for his contribution to the musical West Side Story.)
Oct. 1, 1924 – Jimmy Carter, the 39th U.S. President, was born in Plains, Ga. He could be visited along with all the U.S. Chief Executives at the “Hall of Presidents” attraction in the Magic Kingdom at WDW.
Oct. 1, 1927 – Actor Tom Bosley, who portrayed Maurice in Disney’s hit Broadway stage version of “Beauty and the Beast,” was born in Chicago, Il. (TV fans will know him best as Howard Cunnungham on the 1970’s series Happy Days.)
Oct. 1, 1929 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey’s Choo Choo” was released.
Oct. 1, 1931 – Alan Wagner, who would become the first president of Disney Channel, was born in Manhatten, N.Y.
Oct. 1, 1932 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “Bugs in Love” was released.
Oct. 1, 1935 – Legendary Broadway & film star-and Honorary Ambassador of the Disneyland 50th anniversary celebration-Julie Andrews was born Julia Elizabeth Wells in England. Her Disney credits include “Mary Poppins” and “The Princess Diaries” & its sequel. (Walt Disney first discovered her in 1962 in a stage production of Camelot.)
Oct. 1, 1950 – Actor Randy Quaid, the voice of Alameda Slim in Disney’s 2004 animated feature “Home on the Range,” was born in Houston, Tx.
Oct 1, 1971 - WDW Vacation Kingdom (now Walt Disney World) opened the Magic Kingdom with 26 original attractions: Jungle Cruise; Swiss Family Treehouse; Sunshine Pavillion (Tropical Serenade; Cinderella’s Golden Carousel; Dumbo, the Flying Elephant; Tea Party; Mickey Mouse Revue; Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride; It’s a Small World; Snow White’s Scary Adventure; Diamond Horseshoe Revue; Frontier Shooting Gallery; Country Bear Jamboree; Mike Fink Keel Boats; Hall of Presidents; Haunted Mansion; Main Street Horseless Carriage; Jitney; FireTruck; horse- drawn Streetcar and Omnibus; Main Street Cinema; Walt Disney World Railroad; Skyway; and TomorrowLand Speedway.

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