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09-29-2008, 07:48 AM
Disney is touring 30 cities throughout the United States and Canada. They are stopping in my city (Hartford, CT) on Monday Oct 6th.

Question. Does anybody now what time this would be? All the info I can find says the date only. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thank you.

mouseketeer mom
09-29-2008, 09:17 AM
What is the celebration tour?

09-29-2008, 09:25 AM
To promote the new Celebration Vacations in Disney parks, Disney is going to cities and doing a block party type thing, giving away balloons, free disney vacations and other goodies. Disney has a website with info but I dont think I'm allowed to say. You could search for it.

09-29-2008, 10:46 AM
I was wondering this too. The website says the tour is going to be in Pittsburgh on the 6th too. I'm hoping to find out what time because DD has a dentist appointment in the morning, and I would love to go afterwards!

09-29-2008, 11:01 AM
I encountered it on the Minneapolis stop!! They were at the Twins game on Thursday evening parked out in front of the Dome. It's a large van, with a REALLY big rubber Micky ballon on top. Then, they had sort of a flat bed trailer type set up with several laptops set up. It seemed mostly like you were just registering the same way you would by doing it online through the Disney site. I didn't see much else going on besides people in Polo type shirts standing around with the trailer and van. Maybe I missed the bulk of the activity?

I'll tell you this much though... we were waiting for the light rail train to pick us up and bring us downtown to the game, before we ever even got near the party. As we're standing on the platform I see 2 things that make me grin ear to ear instantly... :balloon: one red, and one yellow Mickey shaped baloon. 2 young childern were holding them, coming back from downtown, waiting to board their bus home. :cloud9: it took about 3 seconds for it to really sink and and truly place it! But there it was, in the middle of MY city in the Midwest, a little piece of Disney World. Shiny and new and innocent. kind of out of place, but familiar. A little piece of Main Street USA, right in the middle of my own Main Street, USA. My DBF and I just looked at each other and exchanged a knowing smile.

As if I wasn't already impatiently awaiting our December trip!!

09-29-2008, 11:53 AM
Well I can tell you this...It is in Chicago today!!! It was also here yesterday as a last minute thing. I got to help out with the event. It was a lot of fun.

They were looking for cm's to help, so me and my friend said sure. When we were driving downtown and saw the big red mickey balloons, and the celebration cars:party: we got all excited and could not believe that we were going to get to help.

Guests could not believe the whole free ticket thing on your birthday! But it was great to see the smiles that we put on their faces. If you get a chance and it will be in your city you should really go check it out!:thumbsup:

There was one downer though...on my way home I got into a car accident...no one was hurt...but the guy did leave a pretty good dent in the car door. Poor Car!:(

09-29-2008, 09:04 PM
Evidently, they will not be in Denver until February?? I thought I was reading the date wrong and had to look twice. It seemed strange to be so far off from the ones that are occurring now.

09-30-2008, 06:11 AM
Does anyone know what time it started?

09-30-2008, 08:56 AM
I thought I read that they are giving away prizes like vacations and hp products. Is this just through the website or at the tour stops as well?

09-30-2008, 02:31 PM
Well I can tell you this...It is in Chicago today!!! It was also here yesterday as a last minute thing. I got to help out with the event. It was a lot of fun.
I'm so sorry I missed this - didn't hear a thing about it. :(