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09-27-2008, 03:32 PM
Okay with the first five polls closed and the results in I will post a summation of the polls and a few Intercot posters responses. I have to thank everyone for participating as I am really enjoying reading everyone's responses. I am trying to put a bit of a twist on each question to liven some of them up. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for questions please feel free to PM me. As of right now I have enough questions planned to keep us busy for months but fresh, new ideas are always welcome.

Disney Mania Question #1
In question #1 Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, & Tomorrowland all went up against each other for favorite Magic Kingdom "land". The final results of the poll are:

1.) Adventureland (50 votes)
1.) Frontierland (50 votes)
2.) Tomorrowland (41 votes)
3.) Fantasyland (29 votes)

Adventureland and Frontierland tied for first place! I know there was a bit of protest that the poll was limited to the “lands” sorry to gresh00, MickeysEars, Imagineer1981
who missed their beloved Liberty Square, Toontown, and Mainstreet. Perhaps all three will show up later against each other.

DizneyFreak2002 : There is something about Adventureland that I love... (DOLE WHIPS!!!)...

Polynesian Dweller : Thought this would be easy when I first looked at it but then, I liked things in all the lands. Finally because of Splash & Big Thunder went with Frontierland by just a little bit.

Looks like this series of questions could be very interesting!

MaxPower : Tomorrowland got my vote because it has great Disney attractions of the past (TTA and Astro Orbiters), the present (Buzz Lightyear and Monsters Inc Laugh Factory), an iconic Disney classic (Space Mountain) and a little bit of Walt himself (Carousel of Progress).

Disney Mania Question #2

In Question #2 we found Soarin’ against Expedition Everest, two of the World’s newest rides, where you could ride one but not the other. In the final results of the poll Soarin’ beat out Expedition Everest 59 – 53. What a close vote with only 6 votes separating the two!

SpecJoe Magic : This is an easy choice for me. I do enjoy Soarin', but I feel that it is overrated. Expedition Everest, on the other hand, is an amazing experience that is among my favorites at WDW.

GrmGrninGost : EE is cool, Soarin' is FANTASTIC! It actually makes me feel like I'm flying! I love this ride!

biodtl : It was close, but I went with Soarin, since the whole family can ride it together. For EE, we have to do child swap with my DD.

sdewan : Isn't this comparing apples and oranges? I can take my 7-year old son on Soarin' with no hesitation, but it will be a while before he is ready for such a serious thrill ride like EE.

I voted EE for one simple reason: I'm tired of Soarin'. I've been riding it since 2001 when it opened at DCA, whereas I've only been on EE 4 times.

Disney Mania Question #3

For question #3 we found ourselves either staying dry or splashing in the water parks. Amazingly most of you said that you did not visit the water parks and those of you that did prefer Blizzard Beach over Typhoon Lagoon with the two water parks being separated by only one vote!!!

LauraleeH : I live here and have a pool in my backyard and a beach 5 minutes away, so there's no point in wasting money on a water park. I wouldn't get in the water anyways, because of germs.

Auroring Good Time : I prefer Blizzard Beach. My son enjoys the kids area. I also enjoy the chair lift as it cuts down on the million stairs you have to climb to go down a slide.

kemps@wdw : That was a REALLY tough one. Summitt Plumett is definitely the best slide. But TL has the better wave pool. Ultimately, I chose TL for Shark Reef. Swimming w/the sharks totally rocked!

Disney Mania Question #4

Okay I’ll confess with three DDs (so far we’ll find out what #4 is going to be in 2 ˝ weeks) we are very princess conscious. We have dined at Cinderella’s Royal Table but never at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and I was very interested to see how the two measured up against each other with Intercoters. Not so surprisingly CRT beat out ARBH by a whopping 22 votes with the final count 40 CRT & 18 ARBH! Interesting, maybe some trip we’ll venture over to Akershus.

DizneyFreak2002 : I had breakfast at Akershus once.. yes, during the princess breakfasts... I did it for a friend at work... Had to get her daughter Aurora's autograph... But, Cinderella's Royal Table is in MK, and inside the castle, so that gets my vote...

GrmGrninGost : Even as a 45 year old man, I know that Cinderella's Castle is one of the most magical places ever. It is worth every penny!

Ibelieveindisneymagic : We have really enjoyed both breakfasts, but had to go with Akershus. The Princess interaction was better, the food was just as good and it is located in a Castle too

Disney Mania Question #5

With a not so exciting question, question #5 asked what resort category you typically book in or if you stay off site. I know that there are some that do multiple WDW stays a year and use a variety of varying accommodations and some do split stays. I suppose that made voting in this poll a bit complicated. We too stay in a variety of resorts from stay to stay everywhere from deluxe to value and in between. The poll was amazingly close (with the exception of off site where apparently none of us Disney lovers stay exclusively). In first place was the deluxe category with 30 votes and moderate and value was tied for second with 26 votes each.

BritCody : I have done all 4. I won't stay off property anymore and lately I have been going to either value or moderate. I rather pay less and stay more days then have a shorter stay at a deluxe.

DDuck66 : I voted for Moderate but that is not really the whole truth. It really depends on our length of stay. Shorter trips we usually stay at the Pop Century, longer trips we go moderate, and for special trips (Anniversary) we go for the Poly

yjgirl32 : Well since our first visit was at CBR and our next trip is sceduled for POR I chose moderate- but hopefully (with my fingers crossed) we might try a deluxe resort for our 3rd trip or even possibly (with toes crossed too) becoming DVC members!

Thank you SO much for your participation I ham having a great time and hope all of you are too. Disney Mania Question #11 will appear Monday in the Dining (http://www.intercot.com/discussion/forumdisplay.php?f=20) forum. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!!