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Sept. 10, 1925 – Animation work began on Walt Disney’s Alice comedy film, “Alice Rattled by Rats.”
Sept. 10, 1932 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “King Neptune” was released.
Sept. 10, 1937 – Actor Brian Murray, the voice of John Silver in Disney’s 2002 “Treasure Planet,” was born in South Africa.
Sept. 10, 1948 – Disney’s Pluto cartoon “Pluto’s Fledgling” was released.
Sept. 10, 1958 – Actor Dan Castellaneta was born in Chicago, Il. Best known as the voice of Homer on TV’s animated The Simpson’s, Castellaneta also provided the voice of Genie in Disney’s “The Return of Jafar.”
Sept. 10, 1959 – The Disney compilation “Zorro the Avenger” aired.
Sept. 10, 1979 – Actor Jacob Young, who played the role of Lumiere in Disney’s Broadway hit “Beauty and the Beast,” was born in Renton, Wa. (The Emmy Award winning actor is best known to fans of All My Children as J.R. Chandler.)
Sept. 10, 1990 – Disney’s 2-hour animated TV series “The Disney Afternoon” debuted.
Sept. 10, 1990 – Disney’s animated TV series “Tale Spin” went into syndication. (Ended Sept. 2, 1994)
Sept. 10, 1993 – Disney’s syndicated TV series “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” began airing.

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