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Sept. 9, 1920 – Comedic actor Wally Boag, who would go on to be the star, Pecos Bill for nearly 27 years in Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe Revue as well as appearances in TV’s “The Mickey Mouse Club,” “The Absent-Minded Professor,” and “The Love Bug,” and also wrote the script for the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction as well as performed many of the voices, was born in Portland, Or.
Sept. 9, 1938 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey’s Parrot” was released.
Sept. 9, 1973 – The General Electric “Carousel of Progress” attraction in Disneyland closed, and would be replaced by “America Sings” in 1974. The attraction was moved to WDW.
Sept. 9, 1979 – Nikki Deloach, a member of the 90’s TV show “The All New Mickey Mouse Club,” and one-fifth of the Group Innosense, was born in Georgia.
Sept. 9, 1979 – Disney’s long-running TV series “Disney’s Wonderful World” began airing on NBC. (Ended Sept. 13, 1981)
Sept. 9, 1979 – Disney’s Wonderful World aired part 1 of the 1961 release “The Absent-Minded Professor,” starring Fred MacMurray.
Sept. 9, 1988 – Tokyo Disneyland welcomed its 60-millionth guest.
Sept. 9, 1989 – Disney’s TV series “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears” began airing on ABC. (Ended Sept. 8, 1990)
Sept. 9, 1990 – The Magical World of Disney aired “Polly.”
Sept. 9, 1990 – NBC’s popular Disney TV series aired for the last time as “The Magical World of Disney.” (Starting on Sept. 28, 1997 it would return to ABC as “The Wonderful World of Disney.”)

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I loved the World of Disney on Sundays nights as a kid:thumbsup:

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I loved the World of Disney on Sundays nights as a kid:thumbsup:

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1956 -- Keller's Jungle Killers closes at Disneyland Park
1984 -- America the Beautiful (revised version) closes at the Magic Kingdom Park
1995 -- "Disney's Sing Me a Story: With Belle" (television series) debuts in syndication
1998 -- The submarines of the Submarine Voyage at Disneyland Park are decommissioned in a Cast-exclusive ceremony
2000 -- "Teacher's Pet" debuts on ABC as part of "One Saturday Morning."

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