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Sept. 6, 1869 – Writer Felix Salten whose 1923 book “Bambi” would be made into an animated feature by Disney, was born in Budapest, Hungary.
Sept. 6, 1926 – Disney’s Alice Comedy “Alice Charms the Fish” was released.
Sept. 6, 1937 – Actress-comedienne Jo Anne Worley, who had voice credits in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” and her work in Disney films and TV specials, was born in Lowell, Indiana.
Sept. 6, 1966 – The fast-food facility “Yacht Bar” closed in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.
Sept. 6, 1976 – Disneyland’s “America on Parade” had its final run.
Sept. 6, 1982 – The Disneyland attraction “Alice in Wonderland” closed temporarily. It closed while Fantasyland was being updated. (It would re-open in April 1985.)
Sept. 6, 1982 – Still about a month away from officially debuting, EPCOT Center opened at 8:00am on this Labor Day for the Family Construction Preview. Family members of any of the park’s construction workers could wander through Future World and World Showcase until 8:00pm.
Sept. 6, 1988 – Disney’s unsold TV pilot “Tickets Please” aired on CBS.
Sept. 6, 1992 – Disney’s 2-hour syndicated animation “Goof Troop” aired. (Consisted of 6 episodes)
Sept. 6, 1993 – Disney’s animated TV series “Bonkers” went into syndication. (Ended Aug. 30, 1996)

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