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Sept. 3, 1905 – Animator Eric Larson, one of Walt’s “Nine Old Men,” known for his work on “Alice in Wonderland,” “Mary Poppins,” and “The Great Mouse Detective,” was born in Cleveland, Utah.
Sept. 3, 1910 – Imagineer Yale Gracey, best known for his brilliant special effects in the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean park attractions, was born. (Master Gracey, whose name can be found on tombstones outside the Disneyland and WDW mansions, gets his name from Yale.) Gracey also worked as a layout artist and art director.
Sept. 3, 1918 – Postal employee Walt Disney (who is a substitute mail carrier) was walking through the post office in the Chicago Federal Building when he heard a deafening blast that shook the ground. Someone has planted a bomb. Thirty were injured and four were killed, including a co-worker of Walt’s.
Sept. 3, 1919 – Red Cross Volunteer Walt Disney left Paris, France for Marseilles and the voyage back to the U.S. (Unfortunately a dock strike would prevent him from sailing as scheduled and he would spend 23 days waiting out the strike.)
Sept. 3, 1939 – The Disney cartoon “Mickey’s Gala Premiere,” was interrupted on the BBC television service, when British Prime Minister Chamberlain’s War announcement that Britain and France declared war on Germany.
Sept. 3, 1939 – Mouseketeer Larry Larsen, who joined “The Mickey Mouse Club,” in the 1956 – 1957 season, was born.
Sept. 3, 1958 – The Disneyland TV series aired on ABC for the last time as Disneyland. Starting on Sept. 12, 1958 the series would be called Walt Disney Presents.
Sept. 3, 1962 – Syndicated reruns of “The Mickey Mouse Club” aired on New York’s WNEW-TV.
Sept. 3, 1969 – The comedy motion picture The Trouble with Girls, starring Elvis Presley, was released. Appearing in the film was the quartet vocal group “The Mellowmen” (best known to Disney fans for their contributions to many features and park attractions). The quartet played the part of a gospel group called The Bible singers.
Sept. 3, 1983 – The 1st of 24 episodes of the Disney Channel TV series “Coming On” debuted.

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