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Aug. 22, 1905 – Animator Robert W. Youngquist was born. He would spend his entire career at Disney (from 1935-1970) and work on such features as “Fantasia,” “Bambi,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and “The Sword in the Stone.”
Aug. 22, 1920 – Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, and a friend of Walt Disney, and helped Imagineers design the Spaceship Earth attraction at Epcot, was born in Waukegan, Il.
Aug. 22, 1927 – Disney’s Alice Comedy “Alice in the Big League” was released.
Aug. 22, 1929 – The 1st of the Silly Symphony cartoon series “The Skeleton Dance,” and animated by Walt Disney, Roy Disney, U.B. Iwerks, and Wilfred Jackson, was released.
Aug. 22, 1936 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “Toby Tortoise Returns” was released.
Aug. 22, 1956 – The “Carefree Corner” guest registration area opened on Main Street at Disneyland.
Aug. 22, 1996 – Imagineer Al Bertino, who helped design Disneyland attractions and animated Disney’s 1946 “Make Mine Music,” passed away. Big Al, the animated bear in Country Bear Jamboree is based on Bertino.
Aug. 22, 1997 – The Disney/Hollywood Pictures Film “G.I. Jane” was released.
Aug. 22, 1999 - The Rose & Crown Pub and Rose & Crown Dining Room reopened in the United Kingdom after being renovated.
Aug. 22, 2002 – Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones performed together at Disney’s California Adventure.

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