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Aug. 18, 1922 – Actress Shelly Winters, who appeared in Disney’s 1977 “Pete’s Dragon,” was born in East Saint Louis, Missouri.
Aug. 18, 1930 – The Mickey Mouse cartoon short “The Chain Gang” was completed. It features the debut of Pluto (though he is not yet named). The film would be released Sept. 5, 1930.
Aug. 18, 1931 – Disney’s 7-minute Mickey Mouse cartoon “Blue Rhythm” was released.
Aug. 18, 1934 – While on holiday in Hawaii with his wife Lillian, Walt Disney attended a charity event, the opening game of the Army’s baseball championship series between teams from Fort Shafter and Wheeler Field. Prior to the game he appeared at Honolulu’s Princess Theater at 10 a.m., for the regular meeting of one of the many “Mickey Mouse Clubs that are popular with children across the U.S.
Aug. 18, 1943 – Actor-comedian Martin Mull was born in Chicago, Il. He is the voice of Governor Kevin for the Disney animated TV series “Teamo Supremo.”
Aug. 18, 1956 – Composer John Cardon Debney, whose music can be heard throughout Disneyland Paris and Disney World, was born in Burbank, Ca.
Aug. 18, 1957 – Comedian-actor Denis Leary, the voice of Francis in Disney’s 1998 “A Bug’s Life,” was born in Boston, Mass.
Aug. 18, 1986 – Crockett’s Tavern opened at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.
Aug. 18, 1989 – Disney’s live action film “Cheetah,” starring Keith Coogan, was released.
Aug. 18, 1989 – Disney’s Educational Film (from Goofy’s Field Trip series) “Planes” was released.

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