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Aug. 13, 1932 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey’s Nightmare” was released.
Aug. 13, 1942 – Disney’s 4th animated feature to contain a single full-length story “Bambi,” had its U.S. premiere at the Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.
Aug. 13, 1945 – The Disney Educational Film “Tuberculosis,” “The Human Body,” “How Disease Travels,” and “What is Disease?,” were delivered to the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs for use of teaching.
Aug. 13, 1948 – Disney’s Pluto cartoon “Cat Nap Pluto” was released.
Aug. 13, 1954 – Excavation began in Anaheim for the Disneyland site.
Aug. 13, 1954 – The Disney cartoon “Little Toot” was released.
Aug. 13, 1954 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Grin and Bear It,” was released.
Aug. 13, 1963 – Angel Florez, a member of the 1977-1978 TV show “The New Mouseketeers,” was born.
Aug. 13, 1968 – The opening night of the Montreal Expo’s World Exhibition of Animation Cinema took place. The event features a screening of Disney’s “Dumbo” as part of a “Hommage Aux Pioniers.” Retired master animator Vladimir “Bill” Tytla has been invited, although he is worried no one will remember him, he attends. When the film finishes, they announced the presence of “The Great Animator.” When the spotlight found Tytla, the audience went wild!
Aug. 13, 1983 – Tokyo Disneyland reached its highest level of attendance, 94, 378, since it has opened for a single day.

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