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Aug. 12, 1919 – Animator and Disney Legend Dodie Roberts was born in Plainview, Nebraska. She would go on to be supervisor of the Disney Studio Paint Lab.
Aug. 12, 1929 – Walt Disney was granted a trademark for the use of the image of Mickey Mouse in motion pictures.
Aug. 12, 1941 – Disney’s updated version of the Mickey Mouse cartoon “Orphan’s Benefit” was released.
Aug. 12, 1951 – Actor Ronald Reagan (future U.S. President) and ventriloquist Paul Winchell took part in a celebrity race at the Soap Box Derby in Akron, Oh. Paul and his dummy Jerry Mahoney beat Reagan in the competition. (Reagan would go on to co-host the opening of Disneyland and Winchell would voice the character of Tigger in countless Winnie the Pooh features,)
Aug. 12, 1958 – Disney’s documentary film “White Wilderness,” directed and written by James Algar was released. The 72 minute film was narrated by Disney producer-writer-actor Winston Hilber. White Wilderness would be nominated for 2 Academy Awards and in 1959 was awarded an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.
Aug. 12, 1965 – Mary Adams became the 50-millionth guest at Disneyland.
Aug. 12, 1969 – Disneyland televised the historic Apollo 11 moon landing (which had occurred the month before) on the Tomorrowland Stage.
Aug. 12, 1994 – The Disney film “In the Army Now” was released.
Aug. 12, 1995 – The Disney Channel Premiere film “The Four Diamonds” aired.
Aug. 12, 2000 – The “Disney Cruise Line” began its 7-day Caribbean Cruise. After you depart Port Canaveral on a Saturday you enjoy Sunday and Monday at sea. On Tuesday you stop at St. Maartin, and St. Thomas, and on Wednesday, St. John. Thursday your back at sea, and on Friday your at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay, before arriving back at Port Canaveral early Saturday morning.

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Aug. 12, 1929 – Walt Disney was granted a trademark for the use of the image of Mickey Mouse in motion pictures.

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