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Aug. 10, 1874 – Herbert Hoover, the 31st U.S. President, was born in West Branch, Ia. He can be visited with all the U.S. Chief Executives at WDW’s “Hall of Presidents” attraction.
Aug. 10, 1914 – British film director Ken Annakin was born. He will become known for a series of Walt Disney adventures including “The Story of Robin Hood” (1952), “The Sword and the Rose” (1953), and “Swiss Family Robinson” (1960). Annakin would be named a Disney Legend in 2002.
Aug. 10, 1934 – Walt and Lillian Disney sailed for Hawaii from Los Angeles aboard the Matson liner Lurline. It would be their first visit to the islands.
Aug. 10, 1945 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Duck Pimples” was released.
Aug. 10, 1951 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “R’coon Dawg,” featuring James MacDonald as the voice of Mickey, was released.
Aug. 10, 1955 – Chuck Abbott began working at Disneyland as a ride operator on the Autopia. Abbott had to really pay attention as there is no track on the attraction at this time and drivers frequently crash into anything and everything, including Cast Members. (He Would go on to become a foreman at Disneyland for 36 years and be named a Disney Legend in 2005-a first for an hourly theme park Cast Member.)
Aug. 10, 1959 – Walt Disney read an article in The New York Times about the upcoming 1964 World’s Fair in N.Y.C. He immediately saw an opportunity for his company.
Aug. 10, 1960 – Disney’s documentary “Jungle Cat” was released. The film was written and directed by James Algar, chronicled the life of a female spotted jaguar in the South American jungle.
Aug. 10, 1960 – The Disney Featurette “The Hound That Thought He Was a Racoon” was released.
Aug. 10, 1968 – Peter Doctor, director of “Monsters Inc.,” was born in Bloomington, Mn. He’s also an integral part of such Pixar classics as “Toy Story,” “Toy Story 2,” “A Bugs Life,” and “Cars.”

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