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Aug. 3, 1923 – Actress Jean Hagen, who played Freeda Daniels in Disney’s 1959 “The Shaggy Dog,” was born in Chicago, Il
Aug. 3, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Watch was introduced at a cost of $2.75.
Aug. 3, 1935 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Mickey’s Fire Brigade,” was released.
Aug. 3, 1955 – The “20,000 Leaques Under the Sea” Exhibit (Display sets from the movie) were on display in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. (Ended Aug. 28, 1966)
Aug. 3, 1955 – Voice artist Corey Burton, (one of the most widely heard voices in film and television), supplied his voice for theme park attractions like Disney’s Timekeeper and was the voice of Captain Hook in Disney’s 2002 “Return to Neverland,” was born in Granada Hills, Ca.
Aug. 3, 1960 – Eight-year-old Raymond Sleeper from Hawaii became the 10-millionth passenger to ride Disneyland’s train. He took his historic ride along with Walt Disney himself.
Aug. 3, 1988 – The groundbreaking ceremony took place for Disneyland Paris.
Aug. 3, 1990 – The animated feature film, “Duck Tales: The Movie – Treasure of the Lost Lamp” was released in the U.S., under the Disney MovieToons Label.
Aug. 3, 1994 – Tokyo Disneyland welcomed its 150th-millionth guest.
Aug. 3, 2000 – The 1st showing of a sing a long version of Walt Disney’s Academy Award winning classic “Mary Poppins” was held at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Ca. and would run until Sept. 10, 2000.

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Aug. 3, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Watch was introduced at a cost of $2.75.

A quick web search showed one of these same watches going for over $6,000. I guess all things Disney are destined to become more and more expensive over time...not just tickets and accomodations. :mickey: