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08-01-2008, 01:41 PM
Does anyone try to catch Main Street when it isn't too busy and take a slow romantic walk down it with your significant other?

I'll be there late this month, and there is EMH at MK until 3:00am on our last night...how romantic would it be to walk down Main Street with barely anyone else around just before 3am?! :cloud9: I also plan on buying my gf one of those light-up roses this night too :secret::blush:.

Chris :hatter:

08-01-2008, 01:55 PM
Sounds good as long as there isn't a mass of people exiting. I find it more romantic on an AM EMH as the sun is coming over Cinderella Castle. Very romantic!:heart:

08-01-2008, 02:58 PM
:cloud9: sounds wonderful to me!

We left MK one night during EMH around 12:30 (emh were until 1) and there was barely anyone on Main Street. It was very cool!! It would have been very romantic if it had just been DH and I. A couple actually got engaged right in front of us as we were nearing the train station. It was very sweet!

I can't wait until March when DH and I will be taking our first trip without the kids!!!! I'm hoping to have lots of romantic moments!

08-01-2008, 05:06 PM
My hubby and I also find AK on evening hours to be incredibly romantic!! :heart: We have on several occasions found quiet little spots to even have a private little waltz together to the music being played:cloud9:
Have fun finding your spot that "takes your breath away" ;)

08-01-2008, 05:28 PM
We too are in the crowd who enjoys the romance of mainstreet, we tend to linger in the magic kingdom (far more so than in the other parks) and mainstreet does have a very "don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me" feel to it after the big exodus is over.

08-02-2008, 12:10 AM
Great idea. Me and my husband always walk up Main St.on our last day. When we get to the end, we have ice cream and sit on a bench. It's great to reflect!!:mickey:

Minnie Imagineer
08-02-2008, 10:18 AM
that is so cute! How can you stay up till 3am?!? lol!
But that sounds like a magical idea! Goodluck!

:princess: :prince:

:bride: :groom:

08-02-2008, 10:59 AM
DH and I find WDW VERY romantic (we got engaged in Epcot). I agree w/ the PP who said they mornings at MK. :thumbsup: But anytime is fine with me.

A friend of mine who is a former CM recently sent me a pic of Main St looking down toward the Castle - in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. She was there for a rehearsal or something. It was amazing - completely deserted. I wanted to be there so badly...

08-02-2008, 12:41 PM
My Wife and I agree about walking down Main Street, it is romantic especially at night. We were lucky enough to have a anniversary trip there without the kids and everything seemed a liitle more romantic:mickey:

08-03-2008, 06:08 PM
DH and I will take nice romantic walks down MS:USA and also the WS (in Epcot).

08-03-2008, 11:17 PM
Walt never intended his Parks to be a "romantic interlude" for couples. He wanted a place for the whole family to enjoy together.
(I'm a purist) Our DD is getting ready to head off to college. We were married for 15 years before we were blessed with her. She's been to the World every year since she 18 mos. old. We are sadly thinking now of what trips will be like without her. Of course, she informed us that would be unthinkable to her for right now.
If romance is what you are looking for and you find it there, good for you! If you can stay up until 3 a.m. to find it I raise my glass to you!:marg:

08-03-2008, 11:43 PM
Does anyone try to catch Main Street when it isn't too busy and take a slow romantic walk down it with your significant other?Where do I find one of those? ;)

MK is the perfect place at night, especially after the crowds have thinned. :mickey:

08-04-2008, 06:14 PM
I like to ride the TTA at night and see all of the lights...

08-05-2008, 12:48 PM
Never considered that. I'd be more likely to go to the Boardwalk or walk around Port Orleans Riverside.