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July 25, 1894 – Legendary actor Walter Brennan, who appeared in the live-action Disney films “The Gnome Mobile” and “Those Calloways,” was born in Swampscott, Massachusetts.
July 25, 1917 – Writer/producer Arthur Alsberg was born in N.Y.C. His Disney credits would include “Hot Lead & Cold Feet,” “Gus,” “Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo,” and “No Deposit, No Return.”
July 25, 1927 – Disney’s Alice Comedy “Alice the Whaler” was released.
July 25, 1935 – Actress Barbara Harris, the mother in Disney’s 1976 version of “Freaky Friday” was born in Evanston, Il.
July 25, 1936 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Alpine Climbers” was released.
July 25, 1937 – Paul Collins, the voice of John in the 1950 Disney classic “Peter Pan”, was born in London, England.
July 25, 1955 – The publication Newsweek ran an article about Disneyland titled “Spectacular Plus.” It reported that – “California had never seen anything like it: A children’s super amusement park covering 160 acres at Anaheim, Ca., 22 miles outside of Los Angeles, costing some $17 million and keeping 2,500 workers toiling to the last minute on such rides as the “Peter Pan Flt-Through” (a galleon ride to Never-Never Land) and “rocket trips to the moon,” interspersed with oases where an expected 5 million callers a year may gather strength for further adventures from the world’s biggest glass of root beer.”
July 25, 1959 – The Ernest S. Marsh locomotive took its 1st inaugural run around Disneyland Park at the hands of Chief Engineer, Walt Disney.
July 25, 1976 – The Disney TV show “Superstar Goofy” aired.
July 25, 1985 – The record album for Disney’s animated “The Black Cauldron” was recorded – months after the actual score used for the feature was recorded. The music was performed by the Utah Symphony Orchestra with Elmer Bernstein conducting. The album would not contain all of the music from the film, only highlights.

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