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July 24, 1936 – Comedic actress Ruth Buzzi was born in Westerly, R.I. Best known from the 1960’s TV series “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,” Buzzi’s Disney credits include “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again,” “It’s Tough to Be a Bird,” and the original version of :Freaky Friday.”
July 24, 1940 – A story meeting took place at the Disney Studios for “The Reluctant Dragon.” In attendance was Walt and 9 of his employees including animator Joe Grant, writer Ed Penner, and layout artist Hugh Hennesy.
July 24, 1942 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Donald’s Gold Mine” was released.
July 24, 1948 – Christopher Milne (son of Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne) married his cousin Lesley de Selincourt. His parents did not approve of the marriage.
July 24, 1949 – Comedic actor Michael Richards, who appeared on the 1994 TV special “The Wonderful World of Disney: 40 Years of Television Magic,” was born in Los Angeles, Ca. (TV fans knew him best as Cosmo Kramer from the series Seinfeld.)
July 24, 1951 – Actress Lynda Carter, Principal Powers of Disney’s 2005 “Sky High,” was born in Phoenix, Az. (TV fans remember her as Wonder Woman.)
July 24, 1964 – Chicago Tribune ran a story titled “Lincoln Still Holds Hearers Spellbound.” The article describes a new animated figure (at the New York World’s Fair) created by Disney that is “so lifelike many find it hard to believe he isn’t alive.”
July 24, 1965 – The 3-acre New Orleans Square was dedicated at Disneyland.
July 24, 1966 – The “New Orleans Square” opened at Disneyland. The 3 acre site was the 1st land added to Disneyland after its opening at a cost of $18 million to build.
July 24, 1966 – The “Cristal d’Orleans” shop opened on Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

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