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July 14, 1865 – A 21-year-old Englishman and amateur artist named Edward Whymper and a group of climbers become the first to reach the summit of the Matterhorn, the most famous peak in the Swiss Alps. (Walt Disney and his family would visit the neigboring village of Zermatt during the 1950’s. His love of the area would later inspire the live-action film “Third Man on the Mountain” and the Disneyland Bobsled ride.
July 14, 1913 – Gerald Rudolph Ford, the 38th president and 40th vice president of the U.S., was born in Omaha, Ne. Mr. Ford could be visited at the “Hall of Presidents” attraction in the Magic Kingdom at WDW.
July 14, 1928 – Actress Nancy Olsen, who appeared in the Disney films, “Pollyanna,” “The Absent Minded Professor,” and “Son of Flubber,” was born in Milwaukee, Wi.
July 14, 1934 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Flying Mouse” was released.
July 14, 1942 – The Disney Training film “Four Methods of Flush Riveting” was delivered to Lockheed Aircraft Corp.
July 14, 1946 – Original Mouseketeer Carl “Cubby” O’Brien, and who was the youngest boy to audition to be a Mouseketeer, was born in Burbank, Ca.
July 14, 1955 – During a test ride at Disneyland, the Casey Jr. Circus Train almost tipped backwards while traveling uphill. Lead weights would be added to the front, allowing it to temporarily run on the parks grand opening. (On July 18th the attraction would close for the day so the steep uphill grade could be reduced.
July 14, 1965 – Disney’s live-action film “The Monkey’s Uncle” was released.
July 14, 1968 – The Dapper Dans and Disneyland performers & characters appear at the Hollywood Bowl during a sold-out “Family Night” concert hosted by comedic-actor Morey Amsterdam.
July 14, 1975 – The Disney Co. announced plans to build the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, known as Epcot.

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