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July 9, 1894 – Joseph Fowler, who would oversee the construction of Disneyland and was Chairman of the Board of WED and Director of Buena Vista Construction Company who built WDW, was born in Lewiston, Maine.
July 9, 1928 – Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon “Tall Timber” was released.
July 9, 1932 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “Musical Farmer” was released.
July 9, 1932 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Bears and the Bees” was released.
July 9, 1934 – Architect and designer Michael Graves who designed the Swan and Dolphin Hotels for WDW, the post office in Disney’s Florida community Celebration, and the Team Disney Building in Burbank, Ca. was born in Indianapolis, In.
July 9, 1938 – Tony Award-winning actor Brian Dennehy, the voice of Django in Disney/Pixar’s 2007 “Ratatouille,” was born in Bridgeport, Ct.
July 9, 1938 – A letter/article (dated Apr. 26, 1938) penned by Walt Disney appeared in The Arizona Daily Star. Under the title “Yesterday’s Newspaper Boys Are Today’s Leaders,” Walt’s words included: I was an old man of nine when I tackled my first business venture. You guessed it – I had a paper route in Kansas City. To say the least, it kept me out of mischief, because my brothers and I had to get up every morning, deliver papers, have breakfast and then go off to school, after school we started out all over again.
July 9, 1948 – Disney’s Pluto cartoon “Pluto’s Purchase” was released.
July 9, 1955 – Business Week ran the article “Mouse That Turned To Gold.” It told readers – “In some ways, the $17 million Disneyland amusement park that opened in Anaheim, Ca., July 18, is a far cry from the little rodent that first scampered across the movie screen in 1927.”
July 9, 1955 – The New York Times ran “Disneyland Gets Its Last Touches,” an article about the New Anaheim park, which would open in 8 days.

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