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07-07-2008, 03:59 PM
How much would you guess a vacation there would cost? I am looking into it for our 10th anniversery. I saw where I could get a flight for around $1500 how much is lodging and theme park tickets?

07-07-2008, 05:23 PM
If you won't want to wade through the screens and such online by going to waltdisneyworld.com and selecting the various options, why don't you contact Magical Journeys? They're one of Intercot's sponsors and the web page should have a link in the upper left under sponsors. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help and can give you ballpark figures in minutes.

07-08-2008, 09:17 AM
How much would you guess a vacation there would cost? I am looking into it for our 10th anniversery. I saw where I could get a flight for around $1500 how much is lodging and theme park tickets?

For park tickets, it's important to first explain a few things about how the park tickets work at Tokyo Disney Resort that are different from the parks here in the US.

First, the maximum number of days you can buy on a park ticket is 4 days. Let's say you wanted to go to the parks for 6 days though- then you would need to purchase a 4 day ticket, and a 2 day ticket (or you could also purchase a pair of 3-day magic passports for slightly more I suppose).

Next, when it comes to multi-day park tickets for the Tokyo parks, you can only begin to park hop on your 3rd day. For your 1st and 2nd day, you have to declare which park you are going to visit.

So using the 6 day example above, you could only park hop on 2 days of the 6. The 2 day ticket would not be a park hopper, and on your 4 day passport, only the 3rd and 4th day of that ticket would allow park hopping privileges.

Now, for pricing- for adults a 1 day park ticket is 5,800 yen (about $55 dollars).

A 2-day passport is 10,000 yen ($94 dollars).

3-day Magic passport (park hopping on day 3) is 12,900 yen or about $121 dollars

4-day Magic passport (park hopping on days 3 and 4)- is 15,000 yen or roughly $141 dollars.

Tickets for kids break down into a Junior (ages 12-17) and Child (ages 4-11) category at reduced prices. For example, the child 4 day magic passport goes for 10,500 yen or about $99 dollars.

There are 2 other special park passes to talk about- a starlight (after 3pm) ticket for certain weekends and national holidays in Japan that goes for 4,700 yen ($44 dollars) or an after 6pm ticket on select weeknights that is 3,100 yen ($29) for all ages.

Finally, on days with very high attendance, sales of same day tickets may be suspended and even with a ticket, if attendance is extreme and you are holding a ticket for say Tokyo Disneyland, you may be directed to DisneySea or vice versa or even possibly denied entry (except if you're staying at one of the resort hotels) depending on capacity though that's a pretty rare occurance.

07-08-2008, 09:49 AM
Now for hotels- there are 3 Tokyo Disney resort hotels (roughly in order from most expensive to least though that's a relative term)-

The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (officially opened today and it's a beautiful hotel)
and the Disney Ambassador Hotel

To give you a sense of rates for the Disney hotels at the resort, a standard room (not park view) at the MiraCosta starts in value season at 32,000 yen ($300 dollars) all the way up to 54,000 yen ($508) for the standard room during peak times. Prices are per room, per night.

For a standard park view room (of Mediterranean Harbor) from the MiraCosta, that figure goes from 49,000 yen ($461) up to 74,000 yen ($696) for a night. Add a park facing balcony and those prices jump to 63,000 yen ($593) a night and go up from there.

Incredible experience to have a room at the MiraCosta facing into the park and be able to open your window or step out onto your balcony to watch a show like BraviSEAmo.

Rooms at the Tokyo Disneyland hotel start at 31,000 yen ($292) a night while at the Ambassador hotel they start at 27,000 yen ($254) a night.

You won't really find discounts for the Disney hotels as there's such high demand for those rooms and there's no online booking from outside of Japan (can only make telephone reservations for those rooms) and all reservations can be made a maximum of 6 months in advance.

I will say that the Disney hotel rooms at the resort are fairly large (significantly more than compared to a typical hotel room in Tokyo).

All of the Disney hotels at the Tokyo resort are wonderful and you won't find anything like the MiraCosta or Tokyo Disneyland hotel here in the US (really puts the deluxe hotels at WDW to shame).

In addition, there are 6 official hotels of the Tokyo Disney Resort:

Sunroute Plaza Tokyo
Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel
Tokyo Bay Hotel Tokyu
Hilton Tokyo Bay
Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

A couple notes about these hotels- some of the prices are not necessarily cheaper than the Disney hotels and some of the hotels may not have english speaking staff on hand.

The hotels which will usually cater more towards foreign guests would be the Hilton, Sheraton and Sunroute Plaza and at least with the Hilton and Sheraton, you can often take advantage of special rates for significant discounts off the listed rack rates, especially if you're a member of one of their frequent stay programs and booking a room at one of those hotels might be easier.

Transportation to the resort though from anywhere in Tokyo via the JR Keiyo line is easy, so if you're really looking to save money and don't mind staying in Tokyo you can definitely find more affordable accomodations if you don't have to stay on property.