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July 5, 1912 – Lyricist and songwriter Mack David (older brother of lyricist and songwriter Hal David) was born in N.Y.C. Mack is best known for his work with movies and television in the 1960’s, particularly his work on the Disney films “Cinderella” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Along with Jerry Livingstone and Al Hoffman, Mack wrote “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!”
July 5, 1928 – Character actor Warren Oates was born in Depoy, Ky. Best known for his roles in such features as Blue Thunder, Stripes, and The Wild Bunch, Oates portrayed John Blythe in Disney’s 2-part 1968 TV story “The Mystery of Edward Sims.”
July 5, 1928 – Actress Katherine Helmond, the voice of Lizzie in the animated feature “Cars,” was born in Galveston, Tx. TV fans know her from the hit series Soap, Who’s the Boss?, and Everybody Loves Raymond.
July 5, 1929 – The Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Jazz Fool” was released. (It was the 9th Mickey short to be released in 1929.
July 5, 1944 – The United Seamen’s Service, Inc. of Los Angeles, Ca. asked Walt Disney Studios to produce a patch for the Merchant Marine. An exhibition of wartime art of merchant seamen of the United Nations was scheduled at the Los Angeles County Museum from July 16th to Aug. 13th. In connection with this exhibition, The United Seamen’s Service, Inc. wanted to display this new Merchant Marine patch art at a public ceremony on Sunday, July 23rd. (Disney would have his artists create a patch for the U.S. Merchant Marine, recognizing their efforts in the conduct of WWII. Using one of their colorful characters, Battlin’ Pete, the patch would show Pete knocking out a humanized torpedo!)
July 5, 1950 – Singer/songwriter and actor Huey Lewis, who sang, “Once Upon A Time in New York City”, for Disney’s 1988 animated feature “Oliver & Company”, and appeared in Disney’s 2000 release of “Duets”, was born in New York City.
July 5, 1971 – Disney’s live action film, “Napoleon and Samantha”, starring Michael Douglas, Will Geer, Johnny Whitaker, and Jodie Foster, was released.
July 5, 1972 – The Disney film “Napoleon and Samantha” was released.
July 5, 1975 – Actor Dale Goldboldo, a member of the 90”s TV show “The All New Mickey Mouse Club”, was born in Detroit, Michigan.
July 5, 1978 – The Disney film “Hot Lead and Cold Feet” was released.

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