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07-04-2008, 08:54 AM
I am wondering how DL does with gf diets?


07-04-2008, 01:15 PM
Well, I know that Disney does try and accommodate different diets, I would suggest you make Priority Seating reservations let the CM know and they can advise you of options (714-781-3463 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week). I have never seen anything listed at CS locations to accommodate any complex diets. Like most restaurants, eating a gluten free diet is probably looked at as the responsibility of the eater, so be prepared for some picking and choosing.

07-04-2008, 08:21 PM
From Kintera.org:

Chef Chris Justesen oversees the restaurants in the Disneyland sections of Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Toontown, and outdoor vending. In the fall of 2006 he wrote:

"We have started something new here at Disneyland. For guests with Celiac we now have available a list of gluten-free foods found throughout the Park at City Hall on Main Street. This list is updated monthly by Chef Toby and myself. It has restaurants and items they can get at the restaurants. More to come on this because our Vice President is behind this diet."

Chef Chris can be contacted at 714-781-3569 or chris.justesen@disney.com if you have additional questions.

Disney California Adventure
Chef Toby is in charge of the majority of the restaurants in Disney California Adventure, and is the appointed Chef for any dietary restriction questions. He may be contacted at 714-781-3540. He can also help you with restaurants in Disneyland.

Hotel Restaurants in the Disneyland Complex

The hotel restaurants in the Disneyland complex have made a great effort to accommodate gluten-free diners, including the use of gluten-free products such as GF breads, pancakes, and waffles.

Chef Bill Orton is the head chef for the hotel restaurants in the Disneyland complex. He is very knowledgeable about the gluten-free diet, including cross-contamination issues. He states that the three main restaurants that have gluten-free products on hand are the Storytellers Café at the Grand Californian Hotel, Disney’s PCH Grill at the Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, and Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel. Other hotel restaurants can accommodate a gluten-free diet as well, especially if you let Chef Bill know ahead of time.

Chef Bill recommends that you contact him before arriving at the restaurants. This allows time for him to discuss your plans and give a head’s up to the chefs at the restaurants where you will be dining. Leave a message on his phone (714-239-5610) and he will return your call. Or email him at Bill.Orton@Disney.com. It is not necessary to contact Chef Bill ahead of time, but it could greatly smooth your dining experience, including wait times for meals. You will still need to make your own reservation at the restaurant(s) of your choice.

Chef Toby, as noted above, also can help you with restaurants in the California Adventure park as well as Disneyland. He can be reached at 714-781-3540.


Michele Vargas, 5/07
Storyteller Cafe, Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland

"I know that much has been written about GF food experiences at Disneyland, but I can't emphasize enough how knowledgable and accomodating they are there (Check out the link on our website about Disneyland). I have actually spoken to both chefs who are responsible for all of this, and they deserve some kind of award!! The Storyteller Cafe is located right in the hotel, so if you're just in the area, you could eat there without actually going through the park. I had lunch off of their regular menu, as they had just stopped serving their buffet, which also would have had some GF choices. I didn't call ahead, but the hostess wrote a request on our ticket for the chef, who then came out to our table. He knew all about GF, and offered the GF pasta, but I opted to have the salad greens (I brought my own dressing), with a chicken filet sauted (in a clean pan) with olive oil, pepper, salt and garlic. This was a simple meal, but the chicken was absolutely delicious and tender! So far, I've had nothing but good dining experiences at Disneyland since I was diagnosed, and this is one more to add to the list!"

Trudy, 11/06
"So I just had to report back from Disneyland. We went two weeks ago and I almost cried tears of joy. I had called ahead and made reservations at various locations - lunch at Blue Bayou (Disneyland), lunch at Ariel's Grotto (California Adventure) and breakfast at the Chip & Dale character breakfast at the Grand Californian hotel. Every time I checked in, the hostess would highlight the place where it said I had celiac. Then when the server would come by to greet us, she would immediately tell me she would send the chef out to discuss my food with me. It was so cool!!!

Blue Bayou was a bit disappointing, only because I should have called ahead and didn't. I ended up with some tasty roasted chicken and asparagus, but she said she could have done more with some advance notice.

Ariel's Grotto was awesome! The chef talked about the menu with me and told me what he had available in the kitchen. I ended up with the pasta with a tomato cream sauce because he had rice noodles. OMG! YUMMY! This chef really impressed me because he told the server to let him know right away when she had my order in case he needed to heat up separate oil for French fries.

Grand Californian was a breakfast buffet. The chef came out and told me what was GF on the buffet. Then I found out he could make me GF pancakes, waffles, etc! They keep that sort of thing on hand! This is when I almost cried - when I bit into a pancake that tasted like a regular pancake. And the omelets were to die for - the kind where they make it to order.

So that's my report. Oh yeah - and we found a Mimi's across the street from Disneyland, which I recognized from this group. They didn't know about any GF menu when I asked, but after a while he came out with an "allergy book" and let me look at it. Sure enough, there was a whole section specific to celiac disease.

Oops - almost forgot - we went to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney. So delicious! And they knew about celiac as well. It was a bit pricy but well worth it. I had filet mignon, twice-baked potatoes with parmesan, shredded carrots with some kind of sweet glaze, and asparagus. We ate there last year too, and had similar raves about it."

Maureen, 3/06
"Call Disneyland guest services and ask for the food liason (or whatever they call him/her now). I did this before we went to Disneyland and had several phone conversations with both one of the chefs and an informed guest services rep. They gave me over the phone a list of meal ideas for us, and a number to call when we were ready to eat.

At the park, I talked by cell phone with one of the chefs, found out which restaurant he was cooking in, and he personally fixed our lunches. The person who took our order didn't even seem phased by the special requests - said they often make special medical meals. Lunch was at the hamburger place near the Dumbo ride. Son had a basket with hot dogs, fruit and (I think) fries. I had a salad.

The chef also asked what we wanted to do for dinner, and we decided on spaghetti w/ red meat sauce. The resataurant in Tomorrowland is a pasta place, and keeps GF spaghetti. The chef contacted them, so they
pre-cooked the pasta, and then when we went there, they heated it in fresh boiling water and their regular sauce was GF.

Disneyland is very accomodating IF you call ahead and give them advance notice."

Laura, 3/06
"You are in luck...Disneyland is a great place with kids with celiac...we go 2-3 times a year (in laws live nearby) and we have never had a problem..this is what I do:

1. Call Chef Chris (Chris Justesen)...he is one of the head chefs for the park (calling is better...he does not respond to email quickly and he prefers to talk with you) and he will go over what is available by land, etc.....his number is 714-781-3569 and his email is chris.justesen@... say he is helpful is an understatement and he had pushed for more GF food to be available in the park...he will give the details but here are some of our favorites:

2. Some of our favorite places to eat in the park are as follows:
a. Pizza place in Tomorrow Land - near Space Mountain - makes GF pizza for you using Kinnikincik GF pizza crust...They are very careful...have a sperate oven for jus tthis purpose...it was so good that we went there 3 times in 3 days.
b. I have small children so we always eat at Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure - they make a GF pasta there that is yummy.

Hamburger buns and hot dog buns available in a few areas in the park...so take advantage of it..they are great (kinnikinnick again I think).

All the restaurants are very accommodating...Chef Chris will tell you want to do (basically, for a casual/fast food type restaurant, as a busboy to get a manager so your order is taken care of correctly...and for the nice restaurants, make a reservation at the Disney dining number - don't have it but Chef Chris will - and note on the reservation that you have need to have GF food...the chef will come out and make anything you want...I kid you not...)

We always have a great time and I think it is the most GF friendly place we have come across so far.

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Thanks Bryant ... great research! You must have a slow day at work today! :secret:

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You are :number1: :trio::encore:

I get so sick when I eat anything with wheat ( I had an attack this week in fact). My colon twists, I get nauseated, rash out, and get headachy. :ill:

I don't wanna miss a minute of SoCal! We're going to Vegas for two days beforehand. I've been told to avoid the buffets.

Once again, thanks again!!!!!


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Glad I could help!

Have a fantastic time!