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June 30, 1931 – Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoon “The Busy Beavers,” was released.
June 30, 1939 – Disney’s Donald Duck short “Sea Scout,” was released.
June 30, 1945 – The Disney Educational films “Hookworm,” “Insects as Carriers of Disease” and “Cleanliness Brings Health” was delivered to the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.
June 30, 1950 – Disney’s Goofy short “Motor Mania” was released.
June 30, 1957 – Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and his trio finished up a 2-day recording session for a Disney themed album to be called “Dave Digs Disney.” (For many years the Quartet had played various Disney tunes at live performances. During a Brubeck family trip to Disneyland, Dave suddenly realized he should gather them together into an album.)
June 30, 1966 – Cartoonist Carl Banks retired after 3 decades of drawing Donald Duck comic books.
June 30, 1971 – The Disney film “Million Dollar Duck” was released.
June 30, 1974 – A special Summer Press Party was held for Disneyland’s newest attraction “America Sings.”
June 30, 1978 – Disney’s “The Cat from Outer Space,” starring Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Harry Morgan, McLean Stevenson, and Roddy McDowell was released.
June 30, 1984 – The “South Seas Traders” shop opened in Adventureland at Disneyland.

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