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June 28, 1926 – Director, writer, producer, and actor Mel Brooks was born Melvin Kaminsky in Brooklyn, N.Y. In 1989, he would co-write a short-lived comedy series called “The Nutt House” for Disney/Touchstone Pictures. The same year Brooks’ would meet with Michael Eisner and Disney Imagineers to design a theme park attraction for Disney-MGM. A Castle Young Frankenstein attraction (based on Brooks’ 1974 comedy feature Young Frankenstein) would be scrapped for the “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!”
June 28, 1929 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Plow Boy” was released. It would be the first cartoon appearance of Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar.
June 28, 1932 – Actor Pat Morita, the voice of the Emperor in Disney’s 1988 feature “Mulan,” was born in Isleton, Ca.
June 28, 1940 – Disney’s Pluto cartoon “Bone Trouble” was released. It is the first cartoon directed by Jack Kinney.
June 28, 1946 – Disney’s Donald Duck cartoon “Donald’s Double Trouble” was released.
June 28, 1958 – The Saturday Evening Post ran the article “Intrepid Kids of Disneyland.”
June 28, 1963 – Count Basie and His Orchestra began a week long performance at Disneyland.
June 28, 1975 – Writer Rod Serling, known for creating TV’s “Twilight Zone” series, died at the age of 50 after open-heart Surgery in Rochester, N.Y.
June 28, 1984 – The Disney Channel Series “Big Bands at Disneyland” began airing. (Consisted of 12 episodes)
June 28, 1988 – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort opened to guest at WDW.

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