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06-27-2008, 08:04 PM
During our most recent trip to Heaven, aka WDW, we stayed for the first time at our home resort, SSR. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but what we received was definitely not it. I should also say that if I had not been a repeat visitor to a WDW resort, I know for certain I wouldn't return after our experience, thus far. Here's the story.

So while packing, I made sure we had certain things. Powered bleach, laundry detergent, and Gray's iPod. An odd assortment, but they do tie into the story. If you've read day 1 of my trip report, I wanted to shower but there was mold and mildew in our shower. Had it not been nearly midnight and a very long day, I would have requested a room change. So I broke out the bleach and cleaned. It was intended for the whirlpool tub since you never know exactly how clean the jets are.

On day 2, Gray was wanting to take his iPod and DH, Jeff told him no, leave it behind because he would lose it. He did, they both remember seeing it when we left and Gray didn't take a bag with him that day. The next day I was looking for it since I had recorded some study materials on there and it was no where to be found. Jeff tore the room apart and on several occasions, we tore sheets off the beds, rummaged through our clothes and moved furniture. It was no where. We called parks/transportation lost and found 3 times as well as resort lost/found with no luck.

Day 6or7 maybe, was the scheduled full cleaning day. If there hadn't been a bag of garbage left in the middle of the floor, we would have never known anyone had been in our room. No linens changed, no towels replaced, nothing done. There was even still tags from Gray's shirt lying on the floor when we returned. To this point the only thing housekeeping has done was leave towels/linens at our door. We used our own laundry detergent to wash towels.

So on check out day, I go back to the desk to ask for any follow-up on the iPod. They know nothing and lost/found has made no notations from our previous call. The front desk manager for the morning insisted that no one was in our room except when cleaning was done. She insinuated that I was had no idea what I was talking about, and that surely they cleaned, as if she did it herself. I had to ask what days they were there because there was no evidence of cleaning services performed at all, except as mentioned the garbage left in the middle of the floor. She seemed to care less about my concerns, gave me a small card to fill out and said that any concerns I had, since we were DVC members should be directed to DVC member services. Whatever was all I could think at this time.

Went to DVC member services desk, they directed me back to the resort desk as it was an issue with the resosrt and not DVC specifically. But they did ask what the problems were and tried to help me centralize the issue. Long story short...security & the housekeeping mgr came and talked with DH and agreed to do a lock read and phone us with results as it shouldn't take but a short time.

We get home, go through our luggage again, still no iPod. I decided 5 days later to call to see what progress was made and they directed to claims who knew nothing of anything so I again re-told the story.

So far, as of today, we should have a claim number and someone in claims should be streamlining the investigation. I should hear from her in the next few days. Still no word on what the lock read turned up or what housekeeping found out.

Now to my question. Should I just wait it out and see how it turns out, or should I place my concerns on paper and forward to WDW executives. We know the iPod was removed from our room, and not by us as no one carried a bag that day and DH saw it lying on the bed when he left checking behind Gray to assure he left it. Housekeeping was nothing more than incompetent this trip. I want to have faith that SSR will handle it, but we're scheduled to return in Aug and I'm on the fence, not sure if I should cancel or allow them a chance to right a wrong. Or am I making more of it than I should.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

06-27-2008, 08:22 PM
I think you should contact the executives and get some closure with this. I know exactly how you feel, when I was a kid I left $20 in the room and the housekeeping stole it and the front desk acted like we were crazy for thinking that, it's a very frustrating situation to be in. I think you should tell them they need to get this situation under control or you're going to cancel your next vacation (whether you actually do it or not) Let them know how you're a frequent customer and this is unacceptable behavior. However, next time put the Ipod in the safe. I really hope everything works out for you. It would be a shame for you to never want to go back. Good luck! :mickey:

06-27-2008, 10:40 PM
We were just at SSR earlier this month and weren't very impressed with the resort or the CMs. As a matter of fact I'd rather stay at the Swan or Dolphin than stay at SSR again. The CM who checked us in was very unfriendly and just unpleasant, then we were 4 people staying in a room, but only had 3 sets of towels, that we were supposed to use for both of our nights. We should have at least had each a set of towels considering these are the only towels you get until cleaning day. I can't say it was a horrible stay because it definitely wasn't, but I just didn't really care for the place. It is a beautiful resort, just not for us. Good luck with everything. I hope you are able to locate the iPod and have a better trip next time.

07-27-2008, 09:18 AM
Well, it's been a month now, we've contacted Disney, filed claims with their claim's department and made numerous phone calls. As of last week, they were "still investigating" so I finally sat down and wrote a very lengthy letter. I detailed the lack of housekeeping as well as the theft. I did talk about some of the positive experiences, though they weren't resort related only so the letter would get across that I could acknowledge good service as well.

Anyhow, I'll let you know how things turn out when/if I get any response.

07-27-2008, 02:51 PM
We feel your pain! On our trip in 06, we had our laptop stolen out of our luggage after we checked in and went on to the parks (in AM). When we returned, our luggage was brought up to our room, less 1 laptop (bag was still there). I immediately went to see customer service, and was pretty well blown off. Being more than a ittle upset, I set out to do some checking on my own. As I was walking back into the luggage area (being questioned by no one) I noticed police officers coming out of the area (something I've never seen @ WDW), so, now I'm thinking there is definitely a problem. I slowly wondered around a supposdly secure area (according to the non-helpful staff), and looked for my laptop w/no luck, of course! Now I understand the policy of "not responsible for lost or stolen items", but at the very least, they could've acted like they were concerned. So after asking customer service to file a police report (which they refused to do), I stopped one of the police officers and asked for his advice. Even though he did'nt say so, I got the immpression that they were there regarding another complaint, and he was kind enough to take my info then and there. Bottom line...no satisfaction from WDW or Orange Co police concerning my missing laptop.
Lesson learned...LOCK UP YOU VALUABLES!!! We willl not let this deter us from returning. But just because your @ the happiest place on earth, doesn't mean that ALL the employees are there for your happiness!:(