View Full Version : Animation Cels-- problems

03-08-2008, 11:29 AM
My dd25 wanted to purchase the "It's a Secret" the Ariel autographed animation cel and tried to order it last January. On the 18th in fact. It has been nothing but trouble :( Has anyone ever had problems ordering from Disney Shopping? I had a post in another section about how they canceled my credit card after 2 phone calls to tell them yes we did order it but they canceled my card for suspected fraud (my dd used the disney card for points b/c it's 945 before shipping and she put the wrong phone #).
Then when we get that straight the framed cel finally arrives and it is not in the frame that is in the picture. It was supposed to be in a gold antique frame with a COA. The frame was silver and red (clashing horribly with Ariel's hair :ack:) and no COA.
Disney is supposed to send someone to pick up the the misframed pic and send another one. It has just been a nightmare....
Is it always this difficult??? It's almost 2 months and we are still waiting.