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02-15-2008, 11:11 PM
Materializing right in front of your eyes for a Special President's Day Weekend Edition of Yavn Speaks – it's the Master of Magic, Yavn!

Hocus Pocus! Alaka – well hello, you caught me right in the middle of a magic trick.

I'm trying to conjure up some new additions to the Kingdom – one in particular that's coming in March that's gonna blow your socks off. But before I get into that, I wanted to take a minute and talk about some of the latest stuff and the stuff coming up.

Shrunken Ned's Shop Specials

You probably noticed our latest addition to the Newsletter? If not be sure to check out our buddy Shrunken Ned, who is now in charge of keeping you up to date on the latest shop releases.

Ned's got a nose for news and a real head for hot fashion. Although, I'm still curious how he writes that column when he can't reach a keyboard... Anyway, Ned's going to be giving you the 411 on what's happening in our shops. But one of the reasons I wanted to roll a Yavn Speaks before President's Day Weekend was because of an event in Shrunken Ned's Shop you're gonna want to make plans to check out.

This coming Monday, February 18, President's Day, Shrunken Ned will have a sale – what kind of sale? Well, honestly I think he's lost his head, because everything in his shop will be half off! You read that right. Everything for one day only, is HALF OFF!

Not only will Shrunken Ned be discounting stuff in the shop, but bringing some stuff out of the stock room for this very special event! For new players here's your chance to pick up some stuff you may have missed before, and for all our players, it's your chance to grab some great deals! I've seen what he's planning and you're gonna love it! So if you haven't already, get to playing those games and earning credits!

New and Familiar Faces

Shrunken Ned's not the only one who's got a new section. You've also probably seen who took over our trivia section? That's right the all-knowing Esmeralda! (A few of you called this one!) She's perfect for the trivia section because, well, Esmeralda is there anything you don't know?

You'll be seeing a lot more of her and those great prizes she's been giving away so be sure and brush up on your Disney trivia!

While we're on the subject of new sections and faces, I'd like to take a second and introduce a friend of mine, fellow VMK'ers, meet PirateVinnie.

PirateVinnie's been working closely on lots of the new stuff you've seen recently released, like the Gingerbread pieces that came out over the holiday and Magic Shop Checkers game. But he was working behind the scenes at VMK for a while before that, on the website, with the in-Park locations and our in-game HOST and events teams.

Vinnie and I go way back, but he's been on the VMK team for almost two years now and he's been like my right hand man the whole time, helping me out. So look for him to take the spotlight a little more in the weeks ahead. In fact, don't be surprised if you see his own section here in the Newsletter very soon. If you see him in game, say hello!

Best Game Rooms

You gonna see us doing some things a little differently than we have in the past – like our Theme Parks, we're always looking at how we can make things better here in the Virtual Magic Kingdom. (For instance, we chose not to do a Valentine's Day Pin this year and spend that time working on something else we think you'll agree is much, much cooler – more on that in March.)

One thing you'll see soon are sweeter and more unique rewards for Best Game Rooms. You've probably seen how we've reworked the Awards and Top Players page, and we're reworking the rewards for those room builders too! I'll have more info about this in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

One last note about those Best game Rooms – if you're room hasn't been chosen yet, don't give up! We're working on other ways you can get your room noticed, but until then, our HOST and in-game staff will be on the lookout for great rooms, so keep submitting and keep building!

President's Day Announcements

Alright, before I disappear, I hope you enjoyed this special edition of Yavn Speaks. I know there's not too much new information in here, but I wanted to give a proper introduction to some of those new sections and faces you'll be seeing, talk about our President's Day events – and drop a few hints about upcoming stuff.

But be sure to join us President's Day for Shrunken Ned's Presidents Day Sale and – I almost forgot – a new Presidential Quest that will truly "reward" you for your efforts! (Trust me, don't miss this, because this Quest is really gonna pay off for you!) Oh yes, we've got some AWESOME NEW magic items releasing this weekend – but Shrunken Ned will tell you all about that.

Until next time, Higitus Figitus, Alakazam! (POOF!) Waitaminute, that's not a rabbit. Hey Yeti! I think I found that Turkey Leg you were munching on last week...

See you in the game!

02-15-2008, 11:12 PM
Featured New Items

This week we've got some very magical items releasing in the Main Street Magic Shop. Check out those Tower of Terror items! Including the Elevator Teleporter and Starry Carpet! Talk about putting yourself in another dimension!

Presidents Day Sale!

Attention shoppers! On Presidents Day everything in Shrunken Ned's Shop is HALF OFF! That's right, ALL the items in my shop will be half off on Presidents Day!

We're clearing out some seasonal stuff to make room for Spring, plus you'll see some special items I'm bringing out of the stock room just for this special day! So make plans to visit me Monday February 18, 2008 when everything in my shop is HALF OFF!

This is a ONE DAY ONLY event!

Check out these new items:

Dancing Inferno Magic (Single Use) (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-DancingInferno-Single.jpg))
Maleficent Hat (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-Maleficent-Hat.jpg))
Tower of Terror Elevator Teleporter (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-Tower-Elevator.jpg))
Tower of Terror Starry Carpet (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-Tower-Carpet.jpg))
Magic Show Top Hat Chair Blue (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-Magic-Show-Hat-Chair-Purple.jpg))
Magic Show Block B (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-Magic-Show-Block-C.jpg))
Magic Show Carpet Corner (Pic (http://avmk.disney.go.com/avmk_v0300/en_US/media/calendar/shopnews/ShopNews-2008-02-15-Magic-Show-Carpet-Corner.jpg))

02-15-2008, 11:18 PM
Looks like they are going to start phasing our Yavn for this PirateVinnie. Going to be interesting to see what is going to go on with this.

It doesn't look like the TCG is going good at all. Now they released the Tower Items. Not very good for the TCG at all...

Blue Genie
02-16-2008, 01:33 AM
What tower items Fan?

02-16-2008, 02:06 AM
The Tower of Terror Items in the second post that I made with the new items that are coming out tomorrow.

02-16-2008, 01:55 PM
Oh, love those tower items! The porter with lightening effects is very cool.


What is TCG, for those of us who are new here?

Trading card game.

And where are our Peter Pan ride vehicles? :confused:

02-16-2008, 06:08 PM
If it weren't for Intercot, I'd probably stop reading newsletters a long time ago. Not too interested with the whole half off thing. Even with half off, VMK is still way overpriced! :D